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Oxigen Wallet Interview Experience | Set 3 (On- Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 13 Oct, 2015

First Round:
Online coding test on

Q1. Given two integers m and n write the function to compute the number of bit changes required to convert one to another

Example: m=14
         n=15 answer : 1
Explanation : 24 : 11000
              15: 01111

Q2.linked list multiplication: Given two linked list that represents polynomial
return a pointer to linked list which is multiplication of the two.

struct node
    int coeff;
    int exp;
    struct node*next;
example: 4x(2)-2x+1
         x-1  answer : 4x(3)-6x(2)+3x-1

Second Round:(F2F interview)

Project related questions
oops concepts in detail.
Linked list what are its advantages.
and some basic general questions on data structures.

Third Round:(With the CTO)

He asked oops concepts
output related questions on virtual functions
what are virtual constructors
what are B trees can you code for that
what are avl trees?why they are used? He said he will ask me to write code for avl tree later but at the end he forgot :p
what are design patterns?
what are singleton classes? is there any keyword to define a singleton class in c

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