Oxigen Wallet Interview Experience | Set 2 (On- Campus)

Written Round

There was 2 coding questions conducted on cocubes platform
Time limit- 40 mins

1. Find the sum of all non- repeated elements in an array
2. Find the maximum subarray sum such that no two elements are adjacent

First technical Interview ( 1 hour):

1. Tell me about Yourself
2. Which language are you comfortable with?
3. Difference between C & C++
4. Difference between const char *p & char const *p?
5. Why don’t we normally write i = i+1?
6. Real Life implementation of C++
7. Implement two stack in an array . Interviewer was confused about questions so he doesn’t ask about it
8. Why main() is required ? will program compile if we don’t use main()?
9. What is macro? how is it different from Constants. What is enum? why do we use it & what are the alternatives
10. Asked some questions about projects
11. What is API? We got into a detailed discussion about API’s.
12. Suppose when user chooses OxygenWallet as an option for a payment Using BookmyShow
what actually happens in backend. Explain whole process and consider all methods which could possibly happen during process (Hint – he was trying to get into API’s)
13 .What is the next number ? (2,2,4,12,48,____)
14. Puzzle – http://math.stackexchange.com/questions/5595/taking-seats-on-a-plane

second Round (HR Round)

It was simple chit chat with HR . General Questions about Tell me about you and your family, your academic background, your goal etc. What Salary are you expecting from the company?
If we offer you salary less than expectation would you want to proceed further? (I said No :P)
Would you like to do Summer internship in our organization (Stipend was ridiculously less than anyone can expect) and do you have any questions for me?
This round went for 20 mins and HR was not kind of cool.

Third Round (Telephonic Technical Interview)

It was Final Round with the CTO of the company and we have to call CTO via our cell phones 😛

1. Which Language do you prefer most?
2. What is Virtual Destructor in C++?
3. What is Virtual Constructor in C++?
4. What is Smart Pointers in C++?
5. What is Copy constructor in C++ and write syntax to declare and to call it?
6. Write syntax for Assignment for two objects in C++?
7. What is Virtual Copy Constructor in C++?
8. What is Inline functions and is there any inline virtual functions how do they work?
9. What do you mean by Implicit and Explicit (He wanted to know their hindi meaning)
10. What is Operator Overloading and which operators can’t be overloaded in C++ & JAVA.
11. What is B-Tree?
12. What is B+Tree? And its uses. I told him about Indexing in database.
13. Do you have any questions for me (I told him to ask me some coding questions which is my strong point so he asked couple of “coding” questions)
14. Do you Volatile Keyword in JAVA ( I said No)
15. Do you transient Keyword in JAVA (I said No & then He said Your interview is Over).

However, I would like to thanks geeksforgeeks for providing me study material . ?

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