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Overview of Voice Commerce

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  • Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2021
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Voice Commerce :
In this 21st century people want everything quick and easy and this is what technology has done. The most functional part of technology Artificial Intelligence (AI) introduced us to Voice search. Companies started add this feature for their customer in online store, so that the customer start buying things from online store of their choice in easy format. Which is giving a boost to company growth.

How does Voice Commerce work ?
There are many V-commerce devices are available in market, like Amazon’ Echo, Google Home and Apple’s Home Pod.
Voice command is a feature which is allow the user to use their voice for any command. It uses the voice recognition technology to process the command. This voice searching features are not only about using voice, it’s also about using AI and Machine learning effectively.

Market of Voice Commerce :
According to Statista, there will be 4.2 million people use V-commerce in daily life

  • Online shopping
  • Order food
  • Call for taxi
  • Checking temperature
  • Play music
  • Access information
  • Order groceries
  • Maintain digital house

Its believe that 27% of the Global population use voice commerce and its increase 9.5% from previous year.

Companies’ improvement :
Voice commerce has proved itself as a mainstay in commerce. Amazon, Google like big companies is improve their voice recognizer every year for faster and better quality. Amazon update Alexa’s functionality to change its tone in response of a conversation. Google also released a product update which improved in voice recognition and understanding queries. There are many other top companies are there like Algolia, Whisbi, Onlim, Needle, Directual.

Future of Voice Commerce :
Its believe that Voice Commerce became a game changer in the future. In 2019 forecast, 100 million household worldwide will own a smart display by 2023. The voice commerce market became $40 billion in 2023, according to OC & C strategy. Soon with advance voice technology we will be able to do natural conversation with voice processors.

Challenges of Voice Commerce :

1. Language barrier :
Every human has their own voice and accent. Currently, English is the most usable and developed language which is accurately recognized words in voice technology. But people facing problem in voice command as their accent are different, so voice recognition must be improved.

2. Trust issue :
Customer who are using voice commerce have trust issue sometimes because they feel like they have less knowledge about voice commerce and may be there any risk involved in doing so. Purchases through voice Commerce are still low because of trust issue.

3. Working speed level :
According to a survey of 501 people 95% people get frustrated while their voice assistant misunderstood them. It’s need to take steps for 0% of error by digital assistant.

Finally, It’s very quick and effective when it’s come to typing a query. An average person type at least 30 to 35 words per minute, where a voice search can process up to 100 words per minute. It’s also helpful for the customer to explore their options 24/7 using voice commerce. This voice Technology can make powerful contributions to society. In future this hand free technology going to use in hospitals and care centers.

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