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Overview of Test data Management (TDM)

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Test data management is a type of operation that ensures accurate data is ready for the testers to help them in their swanky work process. Test data management (TDM) accomplishes compatible test data properly and flawlessly. TDM provides and creates a brief automated test that can benefit users without any difficulty in the middle of their work.

In the past, the data collected by the application team members were not well structured. But nowadays in this modern era technology has improved a lot that we never imagined. For smooth and onboarding tasks any company uses modern technologies. The major aspects of test data management are regulation and compliance.

Features of Test Data Management:

  1. Provides required test data
  2. Provides inbuilt data library
  3. Allows sensitive data masking and encryption
  4. Identifies data sources
  5. Prepares data generation rules
  6. Protection of sensitive data and many more.

Working of TDM:

  1. Test data management analyzes each data with the help of new-fangled procedures. It consolidated synthetic data by identifying the hiatus in the existing test data.
  2. This enables companies to create the smallest set of data that is required for extensive testing. This is one of the most time-consuming ways to maintain companies’ overall needs regarding testing management.
  3. Test data managers can easily recognize the flaw and it can be spontaneously reclaimed. The information can be available in various structures that can be spread across different frameworks. To make this task easy and smooth it needs to use a test data management tool to make sure that the test team members find the right informational indexes before the testing application.
  4. With the help of test data management, prosperous data is put away in a central warehouse as reusable assets. Reusable data can be accessible later according to the needs of the testing team.
  5. It can be readily recovered at any time. The testers will receive the automated data whenever they need it, they don’t need to wait for it or prepare it from scratch, by their requests the information will automatically be delivered for quick access.
  6. It reduces a lot of time and test data management helps to solve the bug problems and avoid any interruption when application team members are looking for the data.
  7. When the test data is dispensed, they are instinctively “cloned”. The initial data will remain unhampered. These hectic tasks become facile as the application team members can work equally well without any methods of transferring the huge copies of the test data.
  8. It provides the utmost security of the information and prevents it from getting lost while making any changes by the team members. This high-quality system is done by the test management team at a lower cost.

Importance of Test Data Management:

  1. TDM Provides high-quality software that will work effectively.
  2. It will obstruct unusual bug fixes.
  3. Stored the primitive data successfully
  4. Decreases the risks of misplacement of the information.
  5. Provides test data to application members in an accurate time.
  6. Avoids higher costs.
  7. Maintains security for sensitive information.
  8. Keeps data always in the right position.
  9. Provides easy access to the testers.
  10. No extra steps for the test data by a lot of team members.

Best tools for the Test Data Management:

Data can be stored precisely in any shape, type, format, and as well as in different locations. Consequently, these tools will search for accurate test data for the testing application. Then these will differentiate the two types of data and the tool will cover the sensitive information as the consumer’s details. 

  1. The tool will edit the differences between the authentic information and the baseline information to look out for the validity of the petition.
  2. The tools will recheck the test data to get exact data.
  3. These tools will help in the entire testing process and will save a huge amount of time.

Some of the tools are

  1. Informatica
  2. LA Test Data Manager
  3. LISA Solutions
  4. Compuware
  5. Delphix
  6. Microfocus Data Express
  7. IBM InfoSphere Optim

Challenges of TDM:

  1. Proper availability of test data
  2. Maintaining data quality
  3. Providing proper storage to test data
  4. Lack of tools and skills for data extraction
  5. Identifying corrupted data at an earlier stage
  6. Lack of domain knowledge

Solutions to Challenges of TDM:

  1. Availing sufficient amount of required data before testing.
  2. Properly checking the quality of test data before using that.
  3. Providing sufficient storage for storing test data.
  4. Acquiring required domain knowledge.
  5. Knowing properly how to use different tools.
  6. Removing the corrupted data from earlier stage.
  7. Focusing on processing cost and storage and manage accordingly.
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Last Updated : 25 Nov, 2021
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