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Overview of Scrum of Scrums

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  • Last Updated : 19 Oct, 2021
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Prerequisite : Scrum Software Development

It has been identified that agile being originally focused on small units which include the scrum structure and there have been quite a few trials at grading it.

In this article, we’ll cover its history, how does it work, key role and responsibility and common hazards. So, let’s start exploring the topic.

Scrum of Scrums :
Scrum of scrums is a method to scale Scrum to huge groups. In shorts, it includes coordinating the work of various scrum teams working together, by creating a larger scrum crew whose members will be regular, smaller teams.

Successful acceptance of the scrum of scrums needs that each team will be a high-performing Scrum team. It is to advise that don’t attempt to scrum in the huge until you’re doing it perfectly in the small.

The starting point for those efforts Scrum of scrums is often “embedded” into other grading approaches.

How does it work ?

  • Scrum of scrums is honest compared to many of the other strategies to scale scrum. It works specifically as its name suggests.
  • It is a scrum made of smaller scrums, which helps coordinate a huge amount of people by splitting them into smaller scrum teams within ten members.
  • Each team made its ambassador who participate in the balanced version of the everyday standup.
  • The scrum of scrums master is simply a Scrum Master but at a greater level.

Key Roles and Responsibilities :

  1. A scrum is contained of smaller units. It means that emphasizes the same roles as normal scrum.
  2. Each internal team has a delegate to visit the scrum of scrum meetings also there is a “scaled” variant of the scrum master, termed scrum of scrums master.
  3. For the proper collaboration between teams, the scrum of scrums has its reserve to keep track of obstacles.

Common hazards :
Scrum of scrums has both pros and cons. It’s not so hard to get started with at least teams those who are now making scrum successfully in the small.

It also means that scrum of scrums is responsive to most of the common downfalls of regular scrum:

  • The status meeting is used as the scrum meeting.
  • Not doing the scrum of scrums meeting actually how it should be done.
  • Not following up on issues and impediments mentioned at the meeting.
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