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Overview of Internet of Behavior (IoB)

Last Updated : 02 Aug, 2022
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Prerequisite : Internet of Things(IoT)

Internet of things is playing a vital role in todays growing world. The data collected by the IoT devices provide valuable information about users behavior, interests and preference. This has brought a new way for technology that is called as Internet of Behavior in short IoB. The shift to mobile devices has changed the whole way of interaction of world. Now a days if we will see an individual’s day start with some IoT enabled digital devices and also ends with those IoT devices. Not only IoT devices provides services but also each moment IoT tries to make human’s life more easier and more comfort by improving it’s service. So, the data these IoT devices collect and later on analyzing it extracts valuable information about users behavior, interests and preferences. So, this was the point from where and when this IoB came into the picture. 

Seeing the current scenario of the country the pandemic is the temporary reason that  IoB  is in the list of latest trends. 

So, lets take a deep look at the Internet of Behaviors, its features, and finally the advantage and disadvantages of IoB.

Internet of Behavior (IoB) :

Basically IoB  is a process where an user data is analyzed in terms of behavioral psychology. With the result of the analysis it informs new approaches to designing a new service or product and how to market the end product in companies. So, the important point is collecting each digital activity data of user and finally to use this information to influence behavior.

Features of IoB  :

As companies are for customers and customers are the point to whom the companies focuses and plans it’s mission and vision. So, IoB can become a powerful new marketing and sales tool for business and organization all around in upcoming times. It helps in gaining a deep understanding for the customers which add a growth to the business.

Moreover implementing the emerging technologies innovations such as machine learning algorithm, IoB can capture, analyze, understand and respond accordingly to all the behavior in a way that allows tracking and interpreting the behavior of people.

Advantage of IoB :

  • Analyzes customer buying habits across the platform.
  • Studies the previously unobtainable data about how customers interact with devices and products .
  • Gains deeper insights into customers interests and their buying experience .
  • Quickly resolves issues to close sales and keep customers satisfied.
  • Also helps in enhancing the security of public places and other internet things

Disadvantages of IoB :

  • Data abundance and insight will be challenging to manage and secure an it will leads to  great cybercrime.

Finally, IoB is currently in its growing stage and may turn out as a life changing thing for people. IoB has come with tons of excitement to bring innovation and will bring a lot of change to the technological world. As the pyramid the IoT surely converts data to information but the IoB translates knowledge into real wisdom .

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