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Overview of Desk Area Network (DAN)

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Desk Area Network is an architecture for multimedia workstations based on ATM interconnections means simply it is an interconnection between computer devices around Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM). This Desk Area Network interconnects workstations, multimedia devices, other peripheral devices, and bridges to other networks.

A workstation is high-performance computer system integrated with other high-performance memory, multitasking facility, high-quality graphics, and other advanced features which is used by single user or by group of users to perform technical or scientific applications.

Before multimedia devices were connected to workstation there was no facility to connect multimedia devices or other peripheral devices directly to network. But due to this Desk Area Network (DAN) these devices are now directly connected to network. With the help of this DAN architecture communication happens between peripheral devices and Central Processing Unit (CPU), this Desk Area Network enables sharing of resources over network.

Architecture of DAN :
Architecture of Desk Area Network is quite simple. DAN network consists of Audio/Video (A/V) software. DAN network is established using device to device connection or device to CPU connection. ATM technology allows asynchronous transmission of all information called ATM cells where these cells are small and fixed-size packets. Multimedia contains various types of contents like audio, images, video, texts, etc. Presentation nodes, additional processor, memory are attached to Desk Area Network.

CPU node comprises ARM 600 processor and 256 additional cache memory which gives high-performance service. Mainly ATM technology has simplified working of DAN network as ATM takes care of internal transmission.

Figure – DAN Architecture

ATM in DAN –
Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) is very high speed networking protocol which works on Datalink Layer of Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model. It works as an inter-service provider that allows efficient and smooth flow of data in DAN. Desk Area Network (DAN) works around Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM).

Working of DAN :
DAN works with the help of ATM technology. Every device in DAN ATM cell for communication and transfer of data. The network is an established device to device connection or device to CPU connection. Reliability and efficiency are so high as it uses ATM technology. So when any cell is transferred across any network it reaches its destination or at specific location based on routing function with high security.

Benefits of using DAN :

  • Provides high performance communication between device to device or CPU to device.
  • Provides reliable data transmission.
  • Connection oriented transmission mode.
  • Offers high level bandwidth as it uses ATM.
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Last Updated : 31 Jul, 2020
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