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Overview of Daily Scrum Meeting

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  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2021
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Prerequisite: Scrum, Working of Scrum in an Organization

Daily Scrum Meeting :
Daily scrum meeting also called as daily standup call is a meeting in which the various teammates gathered to decide on a various topic in a detailed way. It’s just similar to giving a roll-call before beginning a class as we used to do during our childhood, we can also consider this meeting as a warmup of a day before starting a new project or a pending work. The participants that are present in scrum meetings are mainly development team and the scrum master. The presence of product owner is not so important in that meeting.

Why it is named so?
This meeting is named as daily standup meeting because it is a daily basis meeting, within a short period everybody describes their problems, ideas, queries, and whatever they want to express or present. This last for at least 5- 15 minutes sometimes goes up to 30 minutes also. 

This meeting should not exceed more than 30 minutes. These meeting is held while standing(depends*), all the members of they gathered in one place and decides what they have to do the whole day or any other things, that’s why it is known as standup meeting.  

Role of this Meetings :
The main three things they decide are :

  • What they have done yesterday?
  • What they should do today?
  • Any circumstances that they couldn’t progress, facing any obstacles.

They ideally make a quick note with related to these and they discuss and try to solve the problems immediately on that spot and also listen to others new ideas for the progress. To keep everything updated without any delay.

Purpose of this Meeting :
This meeting mainly focuses on the increment process. 

  • It increases the relation between the coworkers and also increases team co-ordination in which they all rely at a same point.
  • For growth of business, it has to increase its Sprint progress and the addressing the risk occurs.
  • They always should think one step ahead, if someone is going through plan A and somehow that doesn’t work than they should apply plan B immediately.
  • Every time they should have good and valuable strategy in their mind so that at short period, they can apply that method from facing any risk afterwards.

Outcomes of Daily Scrum Meeting :

  1. Rely on familiar perception –
    It develops good understanding between the teammates and while sharing the thoughts to others we get better ideas and helps to reduce the obstacles from the Sprint.  
  2. Implementation of master plan in a day –
    By observing the current progress on Sprint, the teammates decide what task should be completed first, who should work on which field and how can someone utilize the time in Sprint in a most efficient way.
  3. An Modernize Sprint Backlog Method –
    On daily basis the progress on task and updates levels on Sprint, it gives better clarity about and all the management status. It also reflects real time process and helps to rectify the current process and come up with a better system.
  4. Revamp Scrum Board or Sprint Board –
    In this board they update all the remaining task and also update the available time to complete the task. And the updated strategy for the backlog.
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