Open In App vs. Which AI Transcribes Meetings More Accurately?

Last Updated : 18 Apr, 2024
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One of the most common challenges that people face during meetings and online classes is trying to maintain focus on both taking notes and listening to the speaker. It’s a big problem that people face every day, and this is where AI Transcription tools come in as the best solution.

With an AI transcription tool, users don’t need to take notes because that tool itself understands the conversations during the meeting or online classes and takes notes accurately on your behalf so that you can read them later. So, if you’re also facing such an issue during the meeting and are unable to maintain a balance between notes and listening, then an AI transcription tool is the best-fit solution for you.

When it comes to AI transcription tools, you’ve surely heard of two popular options – Vs But which one is better? This guide will help you know the key differences between them, its features, pros and cons. Which one is the best fit for your needs? By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly the potential of an AI transcription tool and which tool is best for your needs.

AI Transcription Tool: Overview

AI Transcription tool is used to convert speech into written text. It can analyze speech accents, dialects, and patterns and accurately convert them into text format. It can be used in meetings, online classes, video captions, and other areas to take notes. It uses NLP for fast transcription processes.

What is Otter AI?

Otter AI is an AI-powered speech-to-text converter tool that is mostly used in online meetings and online classes to take notes, summarize, and capture slides. It has real-time transcription support to write or record notes and capture slides from live meetings and classes that can be edited later.

Key Features:

  • Real-time note taking
  • Team collaboration
  • Auto-generate summarizes after the meeting
  • Integrated with calendar
  • Allow transcription editing
  • Easy notes sharing
  • AI chat support
  • Third-party integration



Auto-transcription support

Sometimes, there is a lack of identifying the end of a sentence during transcription

Fast editing and team collaboration

It may not able to capture complex terms or jargon

Generate high-quality and accurate notes

Bit expensive tool

Save time to focus on other important things

What is Fireflies AI?

Fireflies AI

Fireflies is an AI-powered transcription tool that is used in online meetings and live classes. It can easily integrate with most meeting platforms for smooth transcription. It includes various useful features such as team collaboration, multi-language support, auto-meeting summaries, etc. Also, it has a Chrome extension for one-tap accessibility.

Key Features:

  • Live transcription
  • Smart search
  • Seamless API integration with web-conferencing platforms
  • Chrome extension support
  • High-end security
  • Conversion intelligence



It auto-connects as per calendar meetings

Limited editing option

Record detailed notes and meeting summaries

Meeting recap is not effective

High transcription accuracy

Fewer features in the basic plan

Smartly organized files in categories Vs Quick Comparison


Otter AI

Fireflies AI

Best Used For

It’s used for the real-time transcription of meetings and voice notes

It is used to keep record internal and external meetings

Web-conferencing Platforms

It supports Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and GMeet

It supports Zoom, GMeet, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and 10+ more platforms

OS Support

Android, iOS, Web, and Chrome extension

Android, Web, and Chrome extension

Transcription Accuracy

Its transcription accuracy varies from 85-95% as per users

It has 90% transcription accuracy

CRM Integration



Potential Customers

Individuals, students and freelancers

All teams of startups and businesses

Languages Support


60+ Languages

Customer Support

Only Email support

Live chat, email, and 24/7 priority support

API Integrations

Limited Integration

Extensive Integration

Custom Vocabulary



Topic Tracking





Only in the Business Plan


Free Plan – $0/month

Pro Plan – $10 per month

Business Plan – $20 per month

Enterprise Plan – Custom

Free Plan – $0/month

Pro Plan – $10 per month

Business Plan – $19 per month

Enterprise Plan – $39/month Vs Detailed Features Comparison

Here’s the key features comparison between Otter vs Fireflies:

1. Live Transcription and are both popularly known for real-time transcription. When it comes to comparing live transcription, Otter is used for general meeting transcriptions. However, Fireflies is better because it comes with add-on options such as follow-up questions regarding the transcribed notes to know more about the meeting.

2. Meeting Platform Compatibility is compatible with limited meeting platforms such as Zoom, GMeet, and Microsoft Teams. On the other hand, Fireflies AI is a better option. Because it’s compatible with so many meeting platforms such as Zoom, GMeet, Skype, Webex, GoToMeeting, etc.

3. Team Collaboration has real-time transcription-sharing capabilities, which leads to effective team collaboration. On the other hand, has user-friendly team collaboration options that allow teammates to share transcripts, notes and easy interactions such as highlight notes, interact, and edits.

4. Integration has limited integration options, such as Dropbox and Salesforce, which makes this AI transcription tool focused and an easy transcription process. However, Fireflies comes with a wide range of integrations, including Zoom, GMeet, Microsoft Teams, HubSpot, Notion, etc.

5. Languages

Fireflies are a better option when language is a big factor because they support more than 60 languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, etc., to record and transcribe meetings automatically. On the other hand, supports only the English language.

6. Customer Support offers only email support for customers to connect for their queries and mostly provides resources, faqs, and guides that users can read to resolve their queries. provides a wide range of customer services, including live chat, email, 24/7 call support, etc, to ensure customers are satisfied and get a fast response immediately.

7. Pricing Plans

Pricing plays a crucial role in deciding which one is the best transcription tool for your needs. So let’s review both tools’ pricing plans.

Otter Pricing Plans:

1. Free Plan – $0 with 300 monthly transcription mins, 30 mins per conversion and import and transcribe 3 audio/video files lifetime.

2. Pro Plan – $10/month with 1200 monthly transcription mins, 90 mins per conversion and import and transcribe 10 audio/video files lifetime.

3. Business Plan – $20/month with 6000 monthly transcription mins, 4 hours per conversion and import and transcribe unlimited audio/video files lifetime.

4. Enterprise Plan – Custom Quote – All advanced features

Fireflies Pricing Plans:

1. Free Plan – $0 with unlimited transcriptions, 800 mins of storage and limited AI summaries.

2. Pro Plan – $10/month with unlimited transcriptions, 8000 mins of storage and unlimited AI summaries.

3. Business Plan – $19/month with unlimited transcriptions, unlimited storage and unlimited AI summaries.

4. Enterprise Plan – $39/month with advanced features.

How to Choose Between Vs

We have seen the key differences between Otter vs Fireflies. Now, it’s time to know which one is best fit. There are some questions you should ask yourself to identify your needs and choose the right tool:

1. Need for Just Meeting Transcription or Additional Features

First, you need to ask yourself whether you just want transcription features such as editing, sharing, key highlights, analysis, speaker labels, etc. Because Otter has limited features and mainly focuses on Transcriptions, Fireflies has all the necessary features for professional usage.

2. Budget Finalization

Another important thing is your budget. You need to be very clear about your budget and use of the tool. If you’re looking for personal use, then you can go with an affordable option, i.e., Otter, or for premium usage, Fireflies is considerable.

3. Integration of Tool with Other Platforms

If you want to integrate the tool with different platforms such as GMeet, Skype, Go-To-Meetings, etc, then Fireflies has more options, and Otter has basic integration that seems to be for personal use.

4. Analyzing Recorded Meetings

If you want to analyze your meeting records to get some meaningful insights, then you can go with Fireflies because Otter didn’t offer any analysis option.

5. Language Support

It’s important to know in which language you have meetings, whether it’s English or multiple languages, because Otter supports only English, and Fireflies support 60+ languages.

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Wrapping Up

Nowadays, AI transcription tools play a crucial role because they help people save precious time when taking notes. Where AI tools handle the note-taking process and let you actively focus on meeting for maximum efficiency during the meeting or online classes. However, various other features are required during the transcription.

That’s why we’ve reviewed the most popular AI transcription tools – Vs, with their features, pros and cons, and USPs. So that you can decide which tool is more helpful for your needs. After a detailed comparison between Otter and Fireflies, we can say that Fireflies AI has much better functionalities, integrations, and benefits than Otter. vs. – FAQs

Is better than Fireflies?

It’s important to know the difference between both tools. Because is a dedicated transcription tool, and Fireflies is an AI-powered transcription and meeting assistant tool with more advanced functionalities.

How accurate is Fireflies transcription?

According to, it has 90% transcription accuracy for most types of meetings with high transcription quality.

Can Otter AI transcribe from YouTube?

Yes, can transcribe any YouTube videos. Otter has a built-in recorder that records and does real-time transcription.

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