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Orange Business Services Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 05 Sep, 2018
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Round 1: Online Test – Codility Round

Test Duration : 90 mins

The first round comprised of 30 questions mostly on Java in which 27 were MCQ’s and 3 were subjective coding question for which no editor was given. You have to write code on simple text file.

Try to spend more time in coding questions.

There were many questions on exception handling,
Is object a data type?
Difference between run time and compile time?
What is javap?
Is x=+1 incrementing x by 1?
Can we give class as argument to another class?

Coding :
Q-1 You are given an array of integers with value 0-9, you have to sort array in ascending order according to dictionary values like 1 is one, 2 is two and so on.

Q-2 Given an array of integers, return max frequency of an element, if more than one element has same max frequency, then return -1.

Q-3 Implement Stack using Array

Round 2: Technical Interview

First asked me to introduce myself, what kind of project I’m doing in my company.

1 : Calculate kth element from the end in a linked list in O(n) time.

2 : Given a tree/linked list with each root node having two nodes. Delete all the nodes in the right and append it to the last.

3 : Fibonacci series in minimum complexity. — used memoization by taking array of size n but he asked to further reduce the complexity. He then said we can do it by taking array of size only 2.

4 : Design pattern like Singleton, decorator etc.

5 : SOLID principles in java.

6 : How hash map works in java, inside implementation.

7 : How to make process thread safe in java.

8 : Which to prefer, interface or abstraction. They were not looking for any definition or property, they needed proper explanation.

Round 3: Online Coding Game

This is a coding game with mixed questions like MCQ’s and subjective, but limited time is given to do each question. For subjective questions, you have to pass all the test-cases.

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