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Oracle Interview | Set 1

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  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2017
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I attended the Oracle Server Technology interview at  Banglore. They started with a PPT followed by a written test. Then two rounds of technical interview and then HR. Finally result got declared after a week and got selected thank you geeks for geeks.

You are expected to write a algorithm/pseudo code followed by actual code in c/c++/java.

Q1. A tree is given, send it on a network. You can assume send() and receive() functions are available.

Q2. A compressed string is stored in an array of sufficient length. Write a program and its complexity to un-compress the string. i.e. a3b6c4 à aaabbbbbbccccc

Q3. A media player selects songs from a database contains huge number of songs. Create a shuffle function such that it selects a song randomly but it does not repeat the songs. You can assume random function rand() is available.

Solution 1.
a)Read the string in inorder and transfer it using send() and receive() function.
b)Read the string in preorder and transfer it using send() and receive() function.
c)At the receiving end inorder and preorder both are available so tree can be reconstructed.

Solution 2.
a)  First read all the frequencies and add them up as total_freq.
b)  Start filling of array from index total_freq.
c)  Repeat a character by the frequency given.

Solution 3.
a) Enumerate the songs, Assign a specific number to each song.
b) Write a map function which maps() the output of random() function to the size of song database (size).
c) Play the song whose number is output of map function.
d) Now scale up the sequence number of that song such that it moves out of range of map() function, i.e. seq_no= seq_no + size;  (so that next time it can’t be repeated until all songs have been played once).
e) Once all songs have been played, again scale down their sequence number.

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