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Oracle Online test and Interview Experience | Set 67

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Dec, 2017

Online Test: The first round was an online test. There were no coding questions. There were MCQs based on computer networks, Databases, OS, OOPS concepts etc.

Interview: Students shortlisted from the online test were called for interview. There were 3 rounds of interview:

Round 1: The interviewer of the first round was in a bit hurry. I was asked only one question: / I was asked to code it too.

Round 2: The interviewer here was more patient and asked about my projects. Then he asked me a puzzle. He asked me how to prove (a+b)^2  = a^2 + b^2 +2ab without mathematically. He provided me with a square sheet. I proved it geometrically (link here: He seemed satisfied and sent me for round 3.

Round 3: This was the HR round. He asked me about a hackathon, in which my team came as runner up, in detail. He also asked about my understanding in cloud technology as it came up somewhere during our talk.

Experience: It was mostly negative. It seemed like they were not taking this process seriously. The interviewer of the first round first asked me the most celebrated question of the interviews: ‘So, tell me about yourself?’ and I had barely spoken 10 words when he interrupted me to ask that searching question. And then he just burst away and came like 10 minutes after( haven’t seen any interviewer doing like this before!). And I was already late for some other interview as the companies are given slots of an hour. When I told him this, he said that if I stay, then he would ‘finalise me now’. Now, who would leave if such situation arises? He went on to praise my skills to the round2 interviewer and I then thought that I have cracked it. Also, the round 2 and 3 went super easy as there were no technical questions at all but just discussions about my projects and hackathons. After the rounds, I was being given the vibes that I was selected; one of the interviewers introduced me to some of his colleagues, we had random chit-chats etc. But, then the result came and I was not selected. Of course, I did not feel good, not because I was rejected (already had some) but because I felt betrayed. If any recruiter is reading this, then please don’t get the hopes of a candidate high only to crush it later. And if you are a candidate, then it sure will feel very bad but keep your cool; maybe the company does not deserve you. For me at least, it turned out like this: later that day, I got a far better offer which I accepted and thanked Oracle for rejecting me 😉

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