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Oracle OFSS Interview Experience for Associate Consultant (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021
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OFSS came to our campus recently, like a week ago. The process can be categorised into 2 rounds i.e., Aptitude Round and Interviews.

Round 1(Aptitude Test): Oracle’s aptitude test is one of the longest aptitude tests I appeared for in my placement phase. It was around 2hrs 36mins long.

  • Questions were from basically every subject I had studied since my Second year i.e., OS, CN, SDLC, etc. Questions weren’t too hard but the difficult part about this test is that it was divided into sections and sub-sections.
  • Each sub-section had its own independent time interval so bringing it down to like 10 quant questions in 14 minutes might sound easy but it’s not. So managing time is the only difficult part of this round.

Tip: Please do AVL trees, there is one sure shot code-related question in the test.

Ultimately out of around 200 students, 40 were shortlisted

Round 2(Interview Round): I appeared for 2 interview rounds.

  • The first one was purely technical while the second one was technical+HR. My technical round was purely resume-based and the interviewer asked me to explain my projects and the research I had been doing and then asked me questions related to that only.
  • As I had projects in the domain of DBMS and Cybersecurity, he asked me questions related to Stored Procedures and Keyloggers. So through my experience, I’d suggest please know what you write on your resume and be confident with it.
  • The second round was technical+HR in which again I was asked again to explain the projects and internship I’ve been doing with Veritas.
  • He asked me questions related to relocation and my hobbies.

Finally, 13 out of 40 were selected.

Verdict: Selected

Thanks to GeeksForGeeks DBMS and OS tutorials which helped me a lot.

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