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Oracle Interview | Set 7

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2014
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On line test consist of 4 sections analytical, quant, computer science and English.

Coding on paper(45 min):
Based on scores they shortlisted for ST, APPS and Finance profile. myself shortlisted in ST profile.

On interview day
0th round(no elimination):
given 3 questions:
1. Given array of 14 integers and asked to build max and min heap pictorially.
2. Given array of integers and element find whether sum of any two elements equal to given number.
3. Given array of rotated sorted integers and asked to search for an element.

I completed these questions in 35 min and returned paper then immediately they called for interview.

1st round(1hr30min):
1. Difference between java and c
2. Questions based on above 3 questions (how you solved)
3. He asked me “given a big file and i want count of all words in file” define your own data structure for it and implement algorithm to it.
Once implemented asked me to implement efficiently.
For both algorithms time complexity.
4. Given around 10 sql queries i wrote the queries and then he given 2 tables and asked me the output for all the queries.
5. Given a complete binary tree and if you wants to insert a new element how to do it. I told him if tree represented in array representation then 2i and 2i+1 concept. Then he asked me another way then i said using queue.
6. In both using array and using queue representation how you will implement max/min heap.

Completely on resume.
In detail explanation about previously done projects.
Questions based on oops concepts.

Questions based on structures unions and structure padding.
He given array of elements and asked me to build binary tree, Binary search tree, avl tree.
Asked questions on all trees.
Then questions based on current project.

HR_round(around 15min):
Tell me about your self which you did not mentioned in your resume.
Out of all the projects which you did which one you like most and why.
And job location priority etc.,

I hope this may helpful to some one. Thank you guys without your help i cant make it.

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