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Oracle Interview | Set 6

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2017
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I was referred by a friend and all the interviews are held at Oracle office, Hyderabad. None of the expenses would be reimbursed by Oracle.

F2F1: (1 hr) (With hiring manager)
As i was working in Payroll team in my current company, lot of questions were asked about it. He made me explain whole architecture, write flow charts for important modules like pay calculation and income tax.

After all the discussion in the previous round, he wanted me to design a new payroll system using OOPS principles.

F2F3: (Next day) (with a junior guy)
This interview started with my general introduction and followed by 10 sql queries (he brought a sheet with all the questions) . The queries are simple involving date manipulation, group by, max value with out aggregates etc.

F2F4: (with a senior guy)
Started with general introduction and then income tax module of payroll.
He asked me to write a program to reverse a string , then he dived deep into Oracle database questions like how the null is different from other boolean values, truth table with null, handling of null values in aggregate functions, codd’s rules, indexing, normalization etc.
(My interview with senior guy dint go well, then i was waiting out side while my hiring manager and this senior guy discussed for at least half an hour)

F2F5: (With Director)
He introduced himself , told about the joining formalities in Oracle and asked my current CTC and expectations etc. (I asked for 10 % hike)
He gave me question about time taken for a train to completely cross a bridge.
then a coding question about finding the longest palindrome in a string. (He insisted on coding before listening to my approach)

They seem to consider me for their ERP product Oracle Fusion apps HCM as i have domain expertise in payroll. Offer letter of Oracle takes its own sweet time of 2-3 months.Meanwhile, I took interview with Amazon and made it.

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