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Oracle Interview | Set 3 (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2017
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My on campus interview experience of Oracle Server Technology.

Online Round:
At first we had an online exam for shortlisting for final interview process. This round had almost everything from English to Puzzles. Basic computer engineering concepts to advanced computer engineering concepts.

Interview Rounds:
First Round:
At first the interviewer asked me to rate myself in C/C++ skills out of 5. And 4.5 was my answer. As he was impressed by my answer, he asked me to write bug free codes for following problems in C

1. Iterative post order traversal of a binary tree. (I gave him the answer with 2 stacks).

2. You are given a Single Linked List containing integer key as data in every node and a head pointer pointing to the first node, you have to delete a node with a given key, you can’t create any new variable. (Copy data of next node to the node which contains k and delete next node).

3. You are given an integer array of size n containing elements in the range 0 to n-1. Now count the frequency of all elements.

Second Round:
Interview was started with the introduction, after the introduction he gave me some tips on how to give introduction by highlighting my interests and achievements so far.

After that we discussed my 3rd year’s project for about 10 min.

The he said he is going to ask me just one question on some topics, If I succeed then he will move to the next topic. The question was::

1. You are given a square matrix containing 0 or 1 in every cell. Find if all 0’s or 1’s make a perfect square. I asked for some clarification on this question, then he said listen and understand at once, then he simply repeated the question and gave me 5 min to come up with an algorithm and left the room. He came after 5 min and I gave him the DP solution for finding max size square made by both 0’s and 1’s and in 2nd run I checked if there are 0’s or 1’s which are not part of those max squares. He was satisfied but he actually wanted a recursive solution.

2. Now the next topic was database. He gave me 2 tables and asked me to write outer join query.

3. Now in operating systems he asked me to draw process state diagram, I made a little mistake so he asked me to draw PCB, then why we need separate queue for both burst and I/O processes and finally how process queues are managed in multi core processor.

Third Round:
This round was puzzle round. I was given to solve 3 puzzles one after another after I solve the previous one. Puzzles were very simple math problems like::

1. There are 8 members in family. 10 years ago the total age of all members was ‘x’, after 3 years a member of age 60 died and a new child is born. Again after 3 year a member of age 60 died and a new child born. Find the current average of age of all members in terms of ‘x’.

2. Three cars A, B and C move with constant speed of 40, 60 and 120 kmph respectively. B starts 2 hours after A. Now A, B and C meet each other at same time. Find how many hours later C started from A.

3. In a exam there are 50 questions. +1 for correct, -1/3 for incorrect and -1/6 for unattempting.
Shyam scored 32 in that exam. Find the minimum number of questions he must have done wrong.

HR Round:
She gone through my CV, read each and every line. Then asked me to briefly explain my projects and the work I did during my internship. Then she asked about location preference and preferred joining date. After that I asked her 2-3 questions about company.

At the end of the slot I got the offer :). It was a great experience for me. Interviewers were very friendly except for 2nd round :P. To crack Oracle interview conceptual knowledge of various computer science subjects like OS, Networking (because of my project), Algorithms and Database is important. Thanks to geeksfogeeks for providing such a great platform to practice and learn various concepts.

Many Many congratulations to the author. If you like GeeksforGeeks and would like to contribute, you can also write an article and mail your article to See your article appearing on the GeeksforGeeks main page and help other Geeks.

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