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Oracle Interview | Set 2 (On-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 28 Oct, 2019

Oracle Interview-Server Tech.

Round 1:
1. Explain Tree traversals. Given a inorder and postorder construct a tree
2. What is fork? How many total processes on execution of three frok statements. Justify your answer with diagram
3. What are JOINS in DBMS, their types and give examples.
4. Explain backtracking with example of anagram. Draw space diagram for that.
5. Explain quick sort and how it differs from other sorting algos with same run time complexity (like merge sort)
6. Write a program function for finding no. of levels in a binary tree.

Round 2:
1. Tell about yourself.
2. Explain your project.
3. The JAVA Story: Why java? the difference with C/C++. (Only conceptual, no technical)
He asked abt my perception of server tech and then he discussed what actually is being done in server tech.

Round 3:
A normal discussion round with HR, who wants to judge your common skills, confidence, views, behaviour…etc. JUST be Yourself.
1. Likes, hobbies, fav passtime..
2. Why a year gap?
3. Give some feedback on our placement process.
4. Which part of ppt you liked and why?
5. Do you want to ask something. I asked abt after hiring process. He explained that you will get a mail from us regarding ur bckg verification. then project preference will be asked. At the time of joining you will placed in grp.. and will underwent some training.

Finally HIRED!!!

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