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Oracle Interview | Set 10 (For Server Technology)

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Hi all. I would like to share my experience about my recruitment process with ORACLE. Oracle procedure consists of.

1) Online aptitude Round
2) Coding Round
3) 2-3 Technical Rounds and 1 HR Round

Written Round (90 minutes)
The written round was common for Server Technology, Application Developer & OFSS profiles. It was an online round having the following sections:
a) Quantitative Aptitude
b) Data Interpretation
c) English & Vocabulary
d) Technical (C/C++, Java, DS, Algo, OS, DBMS, Networking)
The questions were of moderate difficulty. Some were tricky but easy and some pretty hard.

Coding Round (30 minutes)
The next round was an online coding round. One question was given and we were required to solve that question in 30 minutes. The languages allowed were C, C++ and Java.
There was no elimination in this round.
Based upon the performance in the above two online tests people were shortlisted for the interview process for different profiles.

Interview Round 1 (Tech + Project – 90 minutes)
This round began with my introduction. After that the interviewer asked me various data structures based problems and algorithms. He then shifted his focus towards sorting algorithms and asked the space and time complexities of each along with their pseudo codes and explanation in detail as to why one algorithm was better than the other . It is very important that you take into account all the corner cases and write the code as efficient as possible because precision is what the interviewer expects from freshers like us.

My projects were his next cynosure. He asked every infinitesimal description of my projects as possible. He asked the technologies that I used the shortcomings I faced and also asked me how I swamped them. After about 2 hours I was called for the next round.

Interview Round 2 (Tech – 90 minutes)
This round was mainly conducted to test my Object Oriented Concepts. Starting from inheritance to polymorphism to encapsulation everything was asked to me in detail expecting not only the concepts but also real life examples. Code snippets were also asked in certain places. This round also focused on my projects.

Interview Round 3 (Tech – 60 minutes)
This round focused on my puzzle solving skills. What they expect out of this round is smartness , swiftness and efficient solution. They also expect us to stick to our solutions and give them appropriate justification for our stand. After about 10 minutes I was called for the next round.

Interview Round 4 (HR – 30 minutes)
This round was mainly conducted to know about my interest in their offer and in my field (Computer Science). She read my resume completely and asked me about almost everything in it- my hometown, the details about my summer internship, my current rank (in my branch), my hobbies etc. Then she asked me whether I would try for other companies even after getting the offer from Oracle. I obviously said no with decent explanation. Finally she told me about some formalities about joining and location and if I have any problems with it, again and obviously I said no.
That was All !!

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Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2014
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