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Oracle Interview Experience | Virtual On-Campus 2020

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  • Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2020

Round 1: This round consisted of questions from

  1. Aptitude:- Logical Reasoning | Data Interpretation | Analytical thinking | Arithmetic Aptitude
  2. Software Cs subjects: DBMS | OOD | OS
  3. Coding Round (MCQ): TREES ( Mainly AVL) | Linked List | Queues
  4. English: Basic grammar and spell check

This round will be moderate to hard. There is no way malpractice is done probably the only good thing in the full interview process. You will have 1 min per question meaning u have to answer q quickly but correctly too as u can’t revisit the q. (NO negative marking).

It’s okay if u did the test okay also as they shortlist many people.

Round 2: I’ll first jump into the details then I’ll tell u the experience.

  1. Resume based questioning
  2. Check if 2 trees are identical
  3. Remove duplicates in a linked list in place in O(n) time complexity with only one pass.

The interviewer was very hostile. This is one thing I really wanted to address. Though Oracle is such a reputed company if the make interviewers like these to interview, the quality of the students is going to be terrible. Here’s why, he didn’t even switch on his camera. I was talking to a black screen for the full interview process. He didn’t allow to explain me my code meaning while coding I was trying to explain what I’m doing he told me to not explain but just silently code. His power got cut off during the middle of the interview, and he ghosted himself for nearly 10 minutes leaving me very nervous and anxious. After about 15 minutes he re-entered the zoom and told me to continue. While I was coding he was talking to his wife in the middle which made me very nervous and made me rethink multiple times as I couldn’t concentrate properly. It was a very terrible experience I had and I don’t know what was the reason why I wasn’t selected for the next round. I solved both the questions correctly with optimum time and space complexity.

Verdict: Rejected

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