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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 64 (OFSS for Associate Application Developer)
  • Last Updated : 02 Nov, 2017

Oracle Financial Services Software came to our campus for hiring for the post of Application Developer

Initially they had a written test which is the same as for ORACLE GBU it comprises of different sections aptitude c codes java codes queries analyzing capability and will comprise of questions from trees (AVL )
30 students were shortlisted for the interview

After a week,  They had two rounds of interview one technical and one HR

Technical Round 1

They were very specific to their interview questions. How would you transfer data from one running JVM to another. Interviewer was not much responsive during the whole interview

  • How do you achieve synchronization in Java? and some basic java questions ..
  • Then he asked me two sql queries that were not very difficult and could be solved using self joins and query within a query.
  • Then he asked about my internship project . which he was not much interested in projects .. they will give you a form to fill before the interview .
  • He asked me about the sorting algorithms and told me to explain heapsort algorithm
  • He asked some design patterns from software engineering
  • He finally told me that there is not much competitive to do in our company you shall have to work on old technologies and how do you find Oracle finance exciting which i replied to him in a clever way and he seemed to be satisfied. He asked about my achievments.

The problem is that they have very limited questions they ask in interview which get repeat to others and rather they spent more time in giving the presentation about their company . you should give exact answer to those questions..

Finally he asked me to wait till we get back after lunch. After that i was told that my application is for review and i would be called for a review round but was rejected without any round been taken so overall it was a sad experience to sit.

HR round

Others who were selected were taken an HR round which was quite easy and no one was rejected in HR . They are very specific to the answers and would not bother about your thiniking abilities try to go late but not too late for the interview and would ask theoretical interview questions from Java and SQL.

At last 5 were selected from around 30 students

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