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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 53 (Placement Drive)

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Oracle GBU’s conducted pool placement drive for NIT Agartala and NIT Silchar.

The first round consisted of 2 hours long aptitude. It included the following sections:

Contexual Communications – Various sub-sections related to english grammar, comprehension, etc. (20 questions 20 minutes (approx))
Software Engineering Aptitude – Consisted of quantitative aptitude, software testing, logical reasoning, etc. (40 questions 50 minutes.)
Coding Skills – Contained code snippets, error and output finding questions. (20 questions 30 minutes)
Computer Science Knowledge – Included simple questions from various core subjects like operating systems, computer networks, etc. (20 questions 20 minutes)

The sections could be attempted in any order. The next section did not start automatically. So little bit of rest was allowed after each section.

From this, 64 students from NIT Agartala were shortlisted for the next round.

The second round had 2 simple coding questions. Time limit: 60 minutes. Languages allowed: C, C++, Java.

For the above two online rounds, oracle had everything managed by its own cloud software. There was strict screen monitoring and no scope to search for anything in the internet!

After second round, 39 students from NIT Agartala were shortlisted for interviews. The selection was not based on absolute scores in the second round. Many who could solve both the question did not get selected while some who couldn’t even submit one got passed. They had their own intelligent analysis based on academics, cumulative performance in both the rounds for final selection for interviews.

Next, there were combined interviews for NIT Agartala and NIT Silchar at NIT Agartala. There was a pre-placement talk and those students who were interactive got immense benefits in the interviews later. Trust me!

For interviews, there were 70 students altogether from both the colleges. Initially, based on resumes and earlier performances, groups were made. Each group had different procedure. Some had to go for puzzle round (pen-paper based test for 3 puzzles in 30 minutes), some went for interviews, some waited for further calls. I was taken to interview. It was more like an HR interview than technical. I was asked to introduce myself. As my profile was based on analytics, he asked why do I prefer analytics over software development. I was asked to explain my project. I kept it simple and not too formal. Then he asked me about favourite subjects, future plannings, career path, and so on. The source code links and github profiles were impressive to him. The interview ended with a logical puzzle and a case study regarding predicting sales of Amazon in one year.

After a long wait, I was called for a second interview. He asked in which areas I was good. He asked, “You are given the whole citizen’s information of the city Mumbai with FirstName, LastName, PhoneNo., StreetAddress. Can you think of a data structure which can optimize searching time if queries are done with respect to PhoneNo or LastName?” I struggled a bit. I put forward whatever best I could think of – hash tables, maps, etc. But he was not convinced and instructed me to think with an industry perspective. (One of my friend later replied to the same question using trie data structure. It was impressive.) Then, he kept putting real life problems to be converted to sql queries which went on for almost half an hour more. This portion of mine went on nicely. At the end, he asked if I had any questions for him. I asked him 4-5 questions before it was over.

After these two rounds of interview, I had to wait till the last since I neither got rejected, nor got any calls for the next rounds. It was a tough time. Only after the final result declaration, I came to know I was selected.

The whole interview process was very diverse and non-uniform. Some had to undergo 4-5 rounds. I went through with just 2 rounds. They were very experienced HR professionals and looked at cumulative performance at each levels. It was difficult to judge whether the interviewer was impressed or not, as almost same expression was there for both right and wrong answers! I would recommend to keep everything simple and adhere to honesty. Extra curricular skills and achievements didn’t matter too much. Focus was more on hiring a person capable of working in a team with a zeal to learn, not someone who was just highly skilled.

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Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2017
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