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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 51 (On-Campus for Application Engineer)

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Recently, Oracle visited our campus for the post of Application Engineers. Students of CE, IT, EC and EE were allowed to sit for the placements.

Round 1 : This was an aptitude test. It consisted of four parts. 1) Coding Skills 2) General Computer Science Skills 3) Verbal 4) Aptitude Test. All the sections had predefined time allocated for them. All the section had 5-6 subsection which also had predefined time. This round was tough as you are required to solve like 10 Aptitude Questions in 12 Minutes. Total 110 students were shortlisted for the next round.

Round 2 : This was a technical interview. As 110 students were shortlisted, each interviewer had 2 students with him. I and my friend were together. We were in a classroom. I was seating on the first bench and my friend on the last. The interviewer came to me and asked me to write a program to find a loop in a singly linked list. He told me that I could use any language I wanted. While I was writing the code, I could hear him asking my friend about indexing in DBMS. After some time, he came to see my code. After looking my code, he asked me if my code would detect all the loops present in the linked list. I said “NO”. He then asked me to write code to find multiple loops in the linked list and went to my friend again. I was just thinking how we could have multiple loops in a singly linked list. I could not think any possible way in which we can have multiple loops in the linked list. I told him that we cannot have multiple loops in the linked list. I think he realized his mistake, yet he told me that assume you have a list with multiple loops and write code. I somehow wrote something which would solve his imaginary problem. He then asked me about my projects. He asked me to design the database schema of one of my project. I wrote the name of all the tables and the attributes. He then asked me a query based on my project which I wrote. He then asked me a basic math puzzle, which I was still solving, but I think he liked my approach and told me to stop and wait for the next round.

Round 3 : This was a coding based interview. We were supposed to write code for the given problem. The management by the Oracle Team was not proper. I was having my second interview while some of my friends were having their first interview. We were around 10 people in a room. The interviewer gave us the following problem:

Given two dates in the format dd-mon-yyyy, find the difference of days between them.
E.g. 15-AUG-2014 and 20-AUG-2014 – 5 days.

We were given around 1 hour to write the code for this problem. We had to write code on paper. After 1 hour the interviewer came and started looking the code written by the students. He would first ask the student to introduce himself and then ask to explain the code. I introduced myself and then he asked me to explain the code. As I was explaining him my code, he was going through my resume. He interrupted me and asked me my CPI ( Which were also mentioned in my resume ). I told him 7.97. Then he found them on my resume, put a cross mark over it, and started to listen to me again. I don’t think he was listening to me or was even interested in listening to me. When I finished explaining the code, he told me that I could leave for the day. I was rejected because I had 7.97 PPI. Many of my friends were rejected because of the CPI. Same thing with all my friends, they put a cross mark on CPI on the resume and rejected without even looking at the code.

In the end, 5 students were selected after one more technical and one HR round. All the 5 students have CPI 8.5 or above. I heard they were asked the program to find whether the number is prime or not in the last technical interview.

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Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2017
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