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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 39 (Application Developer )

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Oracle visited our campus to recruit students for the post of Applications Development Engineer. 

Round-1 (Online Test) 

This test comprised of questions broadly from four categories: Verbal, Mathematical Aptitude, Software Engineering (flowcharts etc.) and Computer Science Concepts (DS, DBMS, OS etc.) 

Out of around 300 students, 50 were shortlisted for the PI rounds. 

Round-2 (Face-to-face Technical Interview, lasted for 20 minutes) 

  • The interviewer asked me to introduce myself
  • Asked about my projects and internships in detail (also asked a lot about my final year project that I was doing)
  • Program to reverse and print a string that was accepted as an input from the user
  • Asked to describe the KMP algorithm
  • Asked a few SQL queries (creating a table, view etc.)
  • Difference between DDL and DML with examples
  • Basic OOP Concepts (Data abstraction, Inheritance etc.) with relevant code snippets
  • Puzzle:

Round-3 (Face-to-face Technical Interview, lasted for 2.5 hours) 

  • Detailed discussion on projects and internships
  • Asked to tell me some problem that I enjoyed solving the most when I began coding and to write the code for it. He also asked me what was the problem I faced while solving that problem initially and how had I overcome the same. I told him the following problem:
  • Asked me my favorite course, to which I replied Data Structures. Then he asked me to list down all the data structures I know, each supported by an example of its utility.
  • Then he asked me my favorite Data Structure (I said it was Stack). He asked me to tell how certain features of word processors (like MS Word) and browsers use stack. (To this I said that MS Word could use the concept of stack in Redo and Undo options (and also in Clipboard), while the browsers might use it in the Back and Forward buttons)
  • Next, he asked me to write a working code for the usage of stack in browsers for the feature I described above
  • Asked to write a working code for converting a number from digit-form to words (for example 1192 would be called One Thousand One Hundred and Ninety Two) using OOP.
  • Puzzle: Three persons A, B and C are standing at the vertices of an equilateral triangle inscribed inside the circle. When the bell goes, all three start running on the track at the same speeds in directions we don’t know. What is the probability that none of them will collide?
  • Puzzle:

Round-4 (Face-to-face Technical Interview, lasted for 20 minutes) 

  • Discussion on projects, again!
  • Asked about Normalization and the Normal Forms (with examples)
  • Asked to design a DBMS for an e-commerce system along with relevant ER diagrams and data structures
  • Asked a bit more about myself and my hobbies

Round-5 (Face-to-face HR Interview, lasted for 20 minutes) 

  • The customary “Tell me about yourself” question
  • What do you like most about Oracle’s website?
  • Discussion on projects and co-curricular mentioned in the CV
  • What is that one thing you would want to change about yourself? Why?
  • What do you like the most about yourself? Why? Give an example from your past.
  • Would you want to pursue higher education? Why not?
  • Asked about my location preference and asked me to wait outside for the results

Fortunately, I was selected along with five other people. Thanks to GeeksforGeeks! 


Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2021
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