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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 33 (On-campus Application Development Engineer)

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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Cut-off was 7 CGPA

Online test: This round consist of 4 Sections. Each section consists of subsections. Each subsection has its own time limit.

  1. General Aptitude, Analytical & Mathematical reasoning
  2. Software Engineering
  3. English, Verbal Ability & Vocabulary
  4. Computer Science concepts & Programming skills.

This round did not have any negative marking, although there is timer for each sub-section, and you cannot go back and solve a previously completed section.

They shortlisted 74 candidates after this round for face to face interviews.

Round 1 Technical: (25 min. approximately)

The interviewer first took a copy of my resume and then she asked me about myself & my projects.

  1. Write a function to generate a random value. The function should return different values when we run it at different timestamps.
  2. Define Abstract class & the Difference between Abstract class and Interface.
  3. Which data structure suits best to implement a file system structure?
  4. Using that data structure write a code to print the names of all the files and folders in a given folder.
  5. What is Hashing & Hash map?

Round 2 Technical: (40 min. approximately)

The Interviewer welcomed me into the interview room with a warm handshake and then we had a nice discussion on my project that I did on my internship & what technologies I used.

  1. He gave me a situation and asked me to give a database schema consisting of primary key & foreign key. And then according to that design he asked me to write SQL queries.
  2. Define Joins. Write a query to perform a natural join.
  3. Then he asked me some questions related to computer networks. IP/TCP/UDP/HTTP.What is the difference between HTTP & HTTPS?What is SSL?
  4. Some questions based on sockets like how server and clients are connected and the mechanism that how they communicate by sending and receiving messages.
  5. Two trains are travelling in opposite Directions. Speed of Trains are “S”. Distance between them is “d”. A bird which is moving with “2S” speed from one train to another train collides, rebound and then collides with first train and so on. Find the total distance covered by the bird when the trains hit each other.
  6. Find the largest substring which is palindrome.
  7. This question was different. The fingers of a hand is numbered like this: Thumb-1, Index-2, Middle-3, Ring-4and Pinky-5.
    Now the sequence goes like this: Thumb->Index->Middle->Ring->Pinky->Ring->Middle->Index->Thumb->Index->Middle->Ring->Pinky->Ring->Middle->Index->Thumb->……
    Find the finger in which nth term is present.
    Eg: If n is 13 then answer is Pinky finger.
    If n is 8 then answer is Index finger. If n is 11 then answer is Middle finger.

Round 3 Technical: (20 min. approximately)

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. Banker’s algorithm.
  3. Implement Merge sort algorithm. Then he asked me to explain real world example of this algorithm and the time complexity explanation.
  4. Normalization (Specially BCNF form).
  5. Outer joins, left join & right join.
  6. Do you have any question?

Final Round HR: (10 min. approximately)

  1. How is your day?
  2. Why Oracle?
  3. Do you want to do any higher studies?
  4. About my Internship experience.
  5. Location preference.
  6. Then we discussed about salary breakup.
  7. Any questions?
  8. Finally they said, “See you soon in Oracle 🙂 “

The whole process was started at 8 in the morning and the final result came at 12 in the midnight.

Pro tip:

  1. It is better to write your code in java in the interview as Oracle prefer Java coding.
  2. Along with Data Structures & Problem solving, have a grip on DBMS, Computer Networks and Object Oriented Concepts.
  3. When interviewer asked to tell something about yourself don’t say so much about your history or family background.
    Let the talk go in productive way, like talk about your internship or any project you have done so far.
  4. Always ask something at the end of the interview. Speciallywhen they ask you “Do you have any question?”
  5. Show your passion towards coding as you are living only for coding :p

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