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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 26 (On-Campus for ST Full Time)

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Round 1
This round was an online round consisting of sections for:
a) Coding skills- multiple choice questions on trees, arrays etc.
b) Computer Science skills: OS, DBMS.
c) Software Engineering skills: Flowchart related questions, all kinds of aptitude questions.
d) English skills

This round did not have negative marking, although there is timer for each section, and you cannot go back and solve a previously completed section.

I was shortlisted for Server Technology profile after this round.

Round 2
This round was an online coding round, but there were no eliminations from this round. This was only to speed up the process during the interviews.

Question 1: There is an array representing ‘n’ sums of money that can be won by Manoj. Manoj can choose any amount X from the array to remove, but then his friend will remove X+1 and X-1 amounts from he array. Find the maximum amount of money Manoj can make.

Note: remaining elements in the array after removal of X, X+1 and X-1 will be the amount Manoj will will. X represents the actual element in the array.

Question 2: Given two integers n=number of players in a team and k=number of pairs, find the number of players in the weakest team. The weakest team will have the minimum number of players.
I/P: 5 3 // n=5, k=3
1 2 // pair has player number 1 and 2
2 3 // player number 2 and 3
4 5 //player number 4 and 5

O/P: 2
Explanation: Player numbers 1,2,3 form one team and 4,5 are in the other team, thus 2 members in the weakest team.

Round 3
This round was a technical interview and it went on for about 45 minutes.

1. The interviewer started out by looking at my resume and projects. A thorough discussion about my projects and the technologies used.
2. Asked about the language I am most comfortable in. As C was my answer, he asked me to write any significant code that would give segmentation fault. After I showed him the code, he asked me how would I go about debugging it.
3. Questions on pointers to function.
4. 0-1 Knapsack Problem- resume based, had done a project using this algorithm.
5. Difference between file systems and databases.

Round 4
Again a technical interview for about 30-40 minutes.
1. Given a 3*3 unsorted matrix with repetitive elements, search an element. I used quick sort and binary search. He asked me why I am using these algorithms, just to test if I stand by my answer. Then asked to write the full code for the program in Java.
2. How to you change the user password for a database? Had to write a query for it.
3. Given a table with employee salaries and names, return the nth highest salary with a single lined query.
4. General project/internship discussion.

Round 5
This was an HR round that went on for about 10-15 minutes.

1. Tell me about yourself, family background etc.
2. Location preference, salary breakup.
3. Why Oracle?
4. I was free to ask any questions if I wanted to.

Thank you GeeksForGeeks for the amazing preparation resources.

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Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2016
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