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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 23 (On-Campus)

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1st round consists of 4 sections- general aptitude, logical, verbal, and technical (OS, DS, DBMS, big O notations, codd rules, ooad). total 90 mins duration. 

First technical interview 
Tell me about yourself? 

Which language are you comfortable in for coding? 

Given a large array, program to count frequency of each number in an optimized way? 

Program for multiplication of two numbers consists of 20 digits each? 

Given almost a postfix expression,program to get the result? 

Given a excel sheet,get the column number of ABCD and column name of 6532? 

When all the numbers of different combinations consisting of 1,2,3,4,5 are arranged in increasing order, give the rank of number 35421 ? 

Given an array of positive and negative numbers,arrange them in such a way that all positive numbers at one end and negative numbers at other end(size of array is large and unknown) 
about projects 

All solutions should be optimized 

Second technical interview 
Tell me about yourself 

Explain about the questions asked in first interview and your approaches. 

Given a number 4 
all the sets of this format without repetitions (code should be a generic one) 

Given a number and string find whether palindrome or not 
Given a string,find all possible palindromes (string of length 1,2,3…..) 

Given a set of strings, strings which are unique (not repeated) should be printed in sorted order, repeated strings along with their frequencies if any string is concatenation of two strings from given set of strings. 

About projects and currently working project 

All solutions should be optimized 

Third technical interview 
Tell me about yourself 

Currently working project 

What subjects are you good at 
OS-swapping, thrashing, semaphores, paging, scheduling algorithms 
DBMS-given tables, some queries on that, normalization and its forms with examples, primary key, super key, composite primary key, joins. 
C-difference between call by value and call by reference 
Java-interface, inheritance, super keyword, final keyword, extends, implements keywords, exception handling 
Data Structures-queues, stacks, linked list, binary trees 

Given an array from 1-100,find the missing number 

Inserting a node in the middle of linked list 

Given a array of repeated numbers,print the numbers in such a way that numbers are printed in increasing order of their frequencies and print the numbers in increasing order if frequencies are same and codes from data structures 

HR Interview : 
Tell me about yourself 
Family background in particular 
3 strengths and 3 weakness 
About preferred location 
Some general HR questions 

Throughout the interviews, your way of approach to a problem is observed 

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Last Updated : 26 May, 2021
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