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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 21 (On-Campus for Application Developer)

  • Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2015

I. First round(written) :

Online test(2 hours) consisting of:

Quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, verbal ability, OS, DBMS, CN, C++, DS(mainly output questions).

II. Technical Interview(F2F) :

1. Tell me something about yourself.

2. What will be the angle between hour hand and minute hand at 3:15 PM in a clock.

3. Write code to calculate angle between hour hand and minute hand at X:Y in a clock.
Input: X, Y.

Output: Angle b/w hands.

4. Puzzle:

5. Puzzle:
6. Implement stack using two queues.

7. Insert a node at nth position in a linked list.

8. Delete the node at nth position in a linked list.

9. Give an idea about BFS.

10. Interviewer asked me to write two SQL queries based on given two tables.

11. Explain normalization and its forms.

12. What is join? Why is it used?

13. What is ER diagram?

14. Explain CPU scheduling algorithms.

III. Technical Interview(F2F) :

1. Find smallest and second smallest element in an array.

2. Find median of an array. Time complexity: O(n)

3. Detect and remove loop in a linked list.

5. Puzzle:

IV. Technical Interview(F2F) :

1. Tell me about yourself.

2. Interviewer asked me about my project.


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