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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 18 (On-Campus for GBU App Development)

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  • Last Updated : 24 Sep, 2015
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Oracle GBU on campus selection.

1st round
Mcqs of apti and technical questions.

2nd round
4 puzzles
1. 2 glasses with same amount of coke in one and lime juice in other.. 1 spoon transferred from 1st to 2nd. 1 spoon from now what is in second to 1st. Which glass has more of the other drink
2. Males always tell truth, females always alternate on truth and false starting with any. Child tells u it’s gender but u didn’t understand. Parent1 says child is boy.
Parent2 says child is lying.she is a girl. Find genders of all of them.(statement may be a little wrong, I don’t remember exactly)
3. A bag has orange and strawberry candies. You take two out repeatedly at random. If they are same, you put one orange in it else you put a strawberry and remove the two taken out. If u know the number of candies of each type in the starting, can you find out the candy remaining in the end when only one remains.
4. A puzzle about 4 brothers and their eye colours

3rd round (code on paper)
( only for those who did 3 questions correct in the last round, direct interviews for those who did 4, i did all 4 ? )
1. Print all root to leaf paths in a tree.

4th round
1. Questions about implementation of oops concepts
2. 1 pattern series completion
3. 2 maths problems
4. Find min max elements in an array
5. Sql query to find 4th largest salary

5th round
1. Given n rectangles’ coordinates, find the area of all of them combined (taking overlapping area only once).
Reduce space to O(n2) and time complexity to O(n3)
2. Sql query to find 5th largest salary.

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