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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 16 (On-Campus for GBU Developer Profile)

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1. Online Test (70 appeared, 43 shortlisted)
2. Analytical reasoning, coding round (Written) (30 shortlisted)
3. Technical interview I (16 shortlisted)
4. Technical interview II (finally 6 got selected)
– Global Business Unit (GBU) Developer profile

Online round: 2 Hours
4 broad sections containing subsections:
– Aptitude
– Verbal
– Reasoning
– Technical

Paper pen round : 1 hour
Puzzle: 2 questions
Code: 1 question

Technical interview 1: 1 hour
by Senior Application Developer.
Interviewer went through my resume and asked what you did as Tech Head and Maths sec.
1. Third year project. Challenges and future scope. (15 min discussion)
2. Insertion sort, How will you optimize it? which sort is better for arrays and which for SLL.
3. Explain various search techniques. He was looking for hash table ans Trie not for binary search.
4. Difference between C and CPP, overloading and over riding.
5. Explain containers: Hash Tables, map, multimap, set, multiset, Hashmap and hashset.
6. some basic questions were on os, networking and web development.
7. sql queries, Joins with ven diagrams. Difference between 3NF and BCNF.
8. OOP concepts like polymorphism, Inheritance, virtual functions, RTTI, virtual Destructor with real life examples.

Technical interview 2: 45 mins

By senior manager.
Again Interviewer went through my resume and asked If I’ll give you free time and all power what will you do.
1. Asked for dry run of written round code.
2. How you will store mobile no. of all the citizens of pune? I explained it using Trie DS, He asked me to write down code for it.
3. How will you search a man who died 500 years ago in Family tree, Root node was created 7000 years ago?
4. How will you implement queue using stack.
5. How you will check whether path shown by google map is correct or not, u can’t use dijkstra’s,
6. What you did as Tech Branch Head, Maths sec and House captain.
7. Which profile and city you will prefer for joining.
8. Anything you would want to know from us?

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Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2015
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