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Oracle Interview Experience (On-Campus) for freshers

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2018

Round 1:
It was an online test consisting of MCQ’s for 107 mins on Oracle platform. There were questions  belonging to different sections in this round which included:
Aptitude: Contained quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning.
Data Interpretation: Included analyzing the data depicted in form of bar chart.
Contextual communication:Consisted of grammar correction, reordering of sentences, reading comprehension, vocabulary etc.
Data Structures based question: Most of the questions (except maybe 1-2) where based on trees basically concentrating on traversals(postorder, preorder, inorder).
Computer Science: Questions from OS, DBMS, C++ output with emphasis on declaration of variables question.
Around 60 students where shortlisted for further rounds.
Round 2:
This was a face to face interview round. I was asked about my technical interests and in which field I would like to work in future.
–> I was given 4 coding questions to solve:
1) Given a n*n matrix print the elements of the matrix in spiral form.
2) Given a m*n matrix consisting of 0’s and 1’s print the sub-matrix with largest number of 1’s.
3) Given a 1-d array print all the sub-arrays whose elements sum exceed a given value x.
4) Given a tree print all the elements at a given height x.
–> I was also asked a puzzle which is : Given a weighing balance with two pans and 10  identical coins of which 9 coins weigh 10 grams each and 1 coin weighs 11 grams. Find the minimum no of iterations required to find the coin with 11 grams .
–> Two oops related questions that were asked where : what do you mean by the keyword static, what is polymorphism.
The interview lasted for about 30 mins. I could answer most of the questions and hence made it to round 3.
Round 3:
The interviewer grouped 6 members and gave the same question to the 6 of us.
–> There are many cities connected to each other by different paths . Each path is associated with a cost. Given a source and destination print the shortest path and the cost of this path to travel from source to destination.
We were given around 45-50 mins to solve this question. I answered it correctly and made it to the next round.
Round 4:

This was yet another face to face interview.


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