Oracle Interview Experience | On-Campus

Round 1: 

It is McQ round with 4 sections and each section has its different sub section. We are supposed to choose which section to solve first. Total time is 120 minutes.

The topics include aptitude, verbal, logical reasoning, technical subjects like OS, DBMS, Computer Networks, Data Structures, etc. There are some output based questions too based on AVL tree, Red Black tree, etc. The main concern is to look for time. Question are of Moderate to high level.

After round 1 all other are face to face interview and each round is elimination round. After our interview, the interviewer will tell us to wait for the next round or we are done for the day.

Round 2:

It was face to face interview. First he started with Introduce yourself, then he discussed my projects and then he gave me 3 coding questions. You are supposed to do with less time complexity. First we need to discuss the approach and if he is satisfied he will ask us to write code on paper.

Question 1

2d array was given with first column as student ID and second as marks. We have to find the student is ID having maximum average marks.

Eg: 1-85, 2-90, 1-87, 3-70

Average of 1-86, 2-90, 3-70 our answer should be 2

Question 2

An array was given and at each point we need to find average. (Using java stream was expected)

Question 3

An array of characters was given and at each time find first non repeating character. (Using java stream was expected)

Another question was based on query. A table was given with columns as id and parent_id you are supposed to find grand parent.

He also asked me Map interface and some java concepts.

Round 3:

The interviewer has my pages on which I worked in previous interview. So he asked me all previous questions and which approach I went for.

Then he discussed my projects and he asked me to explain what I have done, approach I have taken, difficulties which I faced, how did I solve it, etc

He gave me coding question.

Question 1

Input : String S, list of string

Output : HashMap with key as string that is all elements of list and value as Boolean suggesting whether it is subset of string S or not. Constraints are not to use inbuilt method and time complexity to be concern.

Question 2

He told me to explain quick sort and write code for it.

Then he asked me Oops concept and where we use in real life.

Round 4:

The interviewer started with Introduce yourself and projects to discuss.

Then he gave me 1 code

Date was given in the format of string and number of days which I was supposed to add to the date and return the new date considering leap year also.

Round 5:

The interviewer started with my projects.  How did I took admission in my college. What was my marks, all India rank, why you choose this program, etc.

Then he asked what is the nice thing you like about data structure? I told Dynamic Programming. Then he asked me to give one example where DP is used and why we use dynamic programming.

Then he  gave me three puzzles.

Ques-1 ) Four 7  and 1 are given and you  can use operation like +, -, *, / so that we can make it 100.


Ques-2 ) You are given 100 rupees and 100 items you have to buy all items with 100 items. Items are of different prices Rs5, Rs1, 20paisa. You have to buy each different item.

Ans: (16*5)+(4*1)+(80*0.2)=100     16+4+80=100

Ques-3 ) Four person are standing on one side of bridge. They took different time to cross the bridge 7, 5, 2, 1 respectively. They have only one torch. Find the minimum time required to all four t cross the bridge.

Round 6:

It was a technical round. Started with introducing myself, family background, etc. Tell me your 3 strengths and where you have shown these strengths, real life example. One of the biggest weakness. She just try to make interactive session. So she tell me what is the meaning of name, who kept it, how was my day because interview started from 9 in the morning and I have this my last round at around 9 pm. Are you tired? Then she asked me do you have any questions for me? I asked about her and she told me very precisely.


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