Oracle Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020

Oracle visited our campus for two profiles OFSS and OFGBU. 

First round: It was a technical and aptitude test conducted on Oracle’s own platform. It was 2 hours test consisting of two sections. 

  1. Qualitative, quantitative, and verbal ability questions. Each section had a time slot. 
  2. Computer fundamental consisting of questions from flow charts, DSA, complexity. 

Tip: Revise AVL trees

There was no negative marking. Around 40 students were selected for OFSS interview rounds. After this round the interview round consisted of two technical, one HR round. 

Second Round (Technical interview 1): It was F2f round on Zoom. The interviewer began by asking tell me about yourself. Then went through my resume asking about projects. (tip: be honest with your resume). Then he asked me to write codes : 

  1. Write a program to find whether a no is prime or not. 
  2. Write a program to reverse a singly linked list. 
  3. Write a program to delete the middle node from the doubly linked list. 
  4. Then he asked me the difference between the singly linked list and a doubly linked list. 
  5. Basic SQL queries. 
  6. Some simple puzzle questions. 
  7. Many more DSA concepts. 

Then he asked me whether I want to ask anything from him. So I asked about the kind of projects I would be employed in OFSS. 

Third Round (Technical interview 2:) Again begun to tell me about yourself. Some deep project questions. Then asked me about oops basics like what is the aim of oops, encapsulation, inheritance, etc. Difference between Java, CPP, python as a language. 

Fourth Round (HR): it was kind of a discussion round in which I was asked about my location preferences, future plans, etc. 

Oracle selected 9 students from our college for OFSS as an associate software developer. 

I thank Gfg for providing such a vast and helpful platform. All the best to all coders!  Happy coding. ☺️

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