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Oracle Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual)

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Oracle visited our campus in December and it was all virtual because of Covid-19.

CGPA cutoff: 7.0

Location: Bangalore

Round 1 (Online Assessment): This round was for 107 mins

  1. Aptitude: Profit and Loss, Probability, Time and Work, Time Distance Speed, Permutation Combination
  2. Reasoning: Seating arrangement, Problems on Ages, Data Interpretation (Bar Graphs, Charts)
  3. Verbal: Grammar, Spellings, etc
  4. Coding: Trees, Linked List, Output based question on Recursion, etc.

There were questions from CS core subjects like DBMS and OS. It also consisted of questions related to flowcharts. 108 students were selected for the next round.

Round 2 (Online Assessment): This round was for 25 mins and it was more of aptitude and technical questions. Practice more of OOPS questions.

42 students were selected for the next round, and I was one of them. They had conducted a pre-placement talk for the shortlisted students where they talked about Oracle and the role which they are offering. 

Round 3 (Technical Interview): Consisted of 2-panel members. Questions were like :

  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. They had asked questions regarding data structures, queries, OOPS concepts, and to code via notepad.
  3. I was also asked regarding the projects which I have mentioned in my resume and questions based on that.

I was able to answer all the questions and the interviewers were also very supportive and friendly. I was shortlisted for the next round.

Round 4 (HR interview): Here I was asked HR questions like :

  1. Explain some projects from my resume?
  2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  3. What are your strengths and weakness?
  4. Do you prefer challenging problems and leadership skills?
  5. Finally, she asked me if I have any questions for her.

Verdict: Selected!

Note: Interviews were conducted on Zoom.

Tips: Be confident while answering. When asked to code think and tell them your logic, so they can know your approach. Don’t directly jump into coding.

Last Updated : 16 Dec, 2020
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