Oracle Interview Experience -On Campus (2019)

The shortlisting for rounds are done by an online test held for approximately 2.5 hrs with 90 questions(MCQ). There are 4 sections, First one has questions on trees mostly AVL, RedBlack, Second section has Quant aptitude questions, Third one has questions on Data Structures and Algorithms, DBMS, CODD, CN, OS and Last were english and verbal skills apti questions.


After the online test ~110 students were shortlisted out of 250 students .

Round 1:

Interviewer scanned my resume and then asked me whether i know chess and then design chess game using OOPs concepts.


He asked me about inheritance, polymorphism, abstract class, encapsulation, when to use interface and abstract class.


Some coding questions were asked similar to this:


Difference between port and socket.

Design a Library Management System and then based on my design he asked me to write a query to find the books which are not issued and present in Library.

Round 2:

This round was again on Data Structures and Algorithms.

Interviewer wants most optimized code for all questions.


Puzzles were asked similar to:

Round 3:

In this round Interviewer gave us some quantitative aptitude questions (CAT Level) which we have to solve in front of him.


Questions were similar to :

Round 4:

Interviewer starts with my interest in computer science and then later asked me about my project. Deep discussion on project. What was difficulty faced.How I overcome it.

As my projects were on Android App and Desktop App. He asked me to draw class diagram, ER diagram.What is Api, How I am ensuring security etc.


One coding question was asked:

It must be in O(n) time and O(1) space.


Round-5 HR Round

1.Why Oracle?

2.My future Goals.

3.About Higher Studies.

4.Do you consider yourself Successful.

5.Strengths and Weakness.



Go through All Archives of Oracle from Geeks For Geeks. Almost every thing is present there.

The most  important thing is to stay calm and confident and answer the question with accuracy as possible .


Total 27 students were selected and I was among them 🙂

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