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Oracle Interview Experience (On-Campus 2018)

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It was an on- campus placement drive at my college, consisted of a written test followed by two technical and final HR round. 
Round 1: It was a written test and medium difficulty level, having four sections each having a minimum cut-off criteria to be eligible for successive rounds. 
A- Coding skills(comprehension oriented) 
B-Computer science knowledge (basic) 
C-Software engineering aptitude 
D-Written English 

knowledge of basic aptitude, english comprehension, DS proved to be helpful as well as there were 5 questions of flowchart based coding problems. 

finally nearly 50 students made it to the next round. 


Interviewer was very polite and the interview lasted for approximately 45 minutes. 

firstly he asked me how was I feeling?  I replied- a little excited and nervous both at the same moment. 

( basically  i was from electrical engineering background) 

Next he quickly glanced through my resume and found out the thing of his interest, 

He said, okay Sachin u have mentioned here C, C++, JAVA, and data structure, so i am gonna ask you few questions based on them. 

I nodded with “sure sir”. 

Quickly he asked me few basic questions related to C and C++, like knowledge of structure, class, arrays, difference between C and C++. I answered all of them. 

Later he gave me a code to write, To find out the number of times letter ‘H’ is appearing in a given string. 

I wrote the code, it was very easy. 

Interviewer finally ended up saying ” though you are from electrical engineering background your coding skills are not bad”. (this made me feel relieved) 

On last note he gave me a chance to ask him questions if any? 

I asked him, ” sir do  u love your job”. He took a little time and replied, ” I like the job but I don’t love it and one day you will do the same, nobody loves his job- he may like it”. 

Myself i added few lines saying, ” sir i want to say something, previously I appeared for few interviews in different companies like HSBC, UHG, FIRST AMERICAN. These all companies were software oriented, I cleared their written rounds comfortably, and interviews were also very much smooth, but still results of interview did not turn out be in my favour, probably because they felt like, an electrical student can not code. therefore even after a very good interview they preferred computer science student. I just want that one should look at the abilities of any person not his background before formulating any perception or passing any decision. 

He replied – do not worry I have seen what I wanted in this interview. 

Finally first round was clear, we did  a handshake and he asked me to wait for next round. I was happy with the interview 


It was the most mind numbing part of the selection procedure, lasted for nearly 55 minutes. 

Interviewer was very gentle but fast at speaking, words were thrashed on me like bullets. 

We had a little formal discussion then he asked me if I have a bank account? 

which bank? who opened it, you or your parents? How did you open it? what were the pre-required documents for new account?  If you have to give me some money, what are the all possible methods you will undertake?what is the terminology if your father transfers some amount of money into your account? 

What are the required credentials for internet banking fund transfer? How do you know if any payment gateway is secure? What are the steps you will take if any of your credentials is not correct? 

Then he went through my resume and saw SQL, DATA STRUCTURE. 

He gave me a problem to write a query to fetch different column data from 5 different tables. I did this comfortably. 

Then back to back he gave me 6 different logical questions  to solve involving real life situation problems, mathematics each having a limited amount of time to solve and he continuously kept me updated about the time I was left with, this added to my anxiety each second. 

The problems were like The Bridge and torch Riddle, Prisoner black and red cap riddle, shopkeeper and fake note loss problem, 3 switches and 3 bulbs problem, and few more mathematics based questions. 

I felt exhausted after solving these questions back to back and probably he noticed it, hence offered me a glass of water. 

He asked me if I had any travelling or shifting issues. I had none, and told him a story for confirmatory explanation. 

Still he insisted if I had to choose one out of four offered ( Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Bangalore). 

I said though I have no problems with any specific location still I would prefer Bangalore and pune. 

He asked, “Why not Chennai ?, It is a good location” and explained me various reasons why it is not that bad. 

The interviewer was also from Chennai. 

after a little more discussion over job location and places where he visited across the world because of job and career. 

Finally he said me, ” you look tensed, relax, I know it is easy to say sitting this end of the table still try to feel relaxed and need not panic. 

I said – Sir actually I did not expect those banking questions and at the same time you are very quick with words, may be why I appear panicked ( and smiled and laughed a little). 

He said sorry for that, ( I interrupted in between – no need of ‘sorry’ sir, still you were a little fast (again I laughed a little and he too started laughing) 

Finally we had a handshake and I made it to the final round. 

Final round: HR round

Extended for about 20 min. 

He asked me how was I feeling? I replied-  little tired and little hungry. 

Basic introduction, why do you want to join this company, job location issues, what drives you towards motivation, family background. why I need this job, where do I see myself in upcoming few years. 

How will you convince any client to invest in ORACLE instead of other companies offering any product or service with same features at same or reduced cost. 

If I had any higher studies plan? role of the job profile I  am applying for, and few more basic questions. 

This was the easiest of all rounds. 

Finally we had a handshake and I felt confident looking at his expressions and my interview experience.

Last Updated : 27 May, 2021
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