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Oracle Interview Experience for Associate Consultant

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Process: 1 Aptitude Test, 1 Entirely Technical Interview, 1 Tech / Managerial Interview and 1 HR Interview. All in one day. Due to covid-19 all the process below was conducted online on Zoom. The process was unexpectedly smooth. 

• Aptitude Test: (Total duration: 2.5 hrs)

• Test is section based; the timings are really difficult to manage as there is a separate timing for each section. So, even if you are good at verbal and plan to rush through that section to save time for quants (This was my strategy). It won’t work. Test is long and stressing but you can take breaks in between sections. Focus on what you know don’t aim to attempt every question, Select what you can answer (Quants ques were tough) and then go ahead solving them. Keep some time at the end to make a calculated or random guess (No Negative marking).  

Imp. Topics for the test: AVL tree, Coding Flow charts, SQL queries, Os (Major topics like deadlocks, understand process and threads their scheduling algos), Database topics like (Normalisation, Conflict serializability, OOPs (Do it well All major practices like encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, etc). 

• Technical Interview: (30 min)

Interviewer asked:

• How do you rate yourselves on SQL?  

• Asked some DDL Queries? Made a mistake and answered DML Queries instead.  

• Asked how do you select unique values from a column in SQL?

• Asked how to select and display third, fourth and fifth largest values in a column?

• Asked DS – Linked List, Queues & Pointers. Asked the memory management in Dynamic linked list then further asked to elaborate why is memory deallocation in heap is important while using pointers and Why is array implementation not used instead?

• Asked Deadlocks and how to resolve them. Then asked bankers algorithm explanation.

• Asked to do you know java? I said I don’t but can explain every OOPs concept in C++ instead. She didn’t ask any further.

• Asked to write a code that counts the occurrences of every letter that is present in a given string in C++.

• Managerial/Partial tech interview: (30 min)

• Asked for introduction.

• Asked to narrate my entire education journey from 1st std to last year engineering as concisely as I could.

• From CV:  Asked to explain one project he liked in detail. Picked the keyword API from my explanation and asked how exactly its being used in my project along with the service it used for, no of requests it accepts in free version and cost of paid versions.

• Asked for hobbies. Then we just discussed basketball for the rest of the interview.

• Lastly, asked if I had any questions for the company.

• HR Interview: (15 min)

• If you are in this round you are pretty much selected the only chance for failure is if you are caught lying. Easy HR ques. are asked 

1) Willing to relocate?

2)  What the job profile entails (your opinion)? 

3) Most important quality that this job needs (your opinion)?   

P.S: I think selection process isn’t extensive and they don’t look to cherry pick candidates. Instead they focus on if you can cross a bar they have set. Exceptional performance is a bonus no doubt.

Result: Selected.

Last Updated : 02 Oct, 2020
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