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Oracle Interview Experience for Application Developer | On-Campus Virtual

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Oracle visited our college on 11 September 2020. It offered two profiles : i) Application Developer ii) Server Technology.

ONLINE TEST : The Online test was of 107 minutes. It consisted of four sections.

Section 1 –  Aptitude :  It was having question on time & work, speed, Data Interpretation, etc.

Section 2 & 3 : Questions on CS core subjects like OS, DSA, DATABASE, CN.

 Mainly the question were on AVL trees, Stack, Queue, Linked List, Output based question on Recursion, etc.

Section 4 – Verbal Ability : This sections consists of questions on Sentence Completion, Comprehension, Arranging Sentences in correct order to form a meaningful Paragraph, etc.

Each Section is further  divided into 3-4 subsections with each subsection having its time limit. Eg – A subjection containing 7 question with 5 minutes, 4 question with 6 minutes, etc.

You are allowed to take a gap of 1-2 minutes between each section but no time gap between subsections.

After 4 days results declared and 40 students got shortlisted for Application Developer and 51 students got shortlisted for Server Technology. I got shortlisted for Application Developer Profile.

ROUND 1 ( TECHNICAL ~ 45 – 50 min) :  

1. The interviewer started by asking how your lockdown is going on. Just asked to put in comfort zone.

2. Tell me about yourself.

3. Given a array containing 1’s and 0’s. Write a code to find maximum subsequence containing equal no. of 1’s and 0’s.

4. Tell me about any incidence where you face some problem in academics and then how you overcome it. Eg – You can talk about difficulties you faced while completing you project and how you found a solution for it.

5. Now he asked me if i have any questions to ask. I asked 4-5  questions. It is always good to ask questions.

ROUND 2 ( TECHNICAL ~ 1:10 – 1:20 Hr ) :

1. Then interviewer told me that you know a about NETFLIX. Now you have design ORAFLIX same as NETFLIX, how you will design it. I started explaining him then he told me explain it in terms of SDLC. I explained all the steps of SDLC i.e requirement, design, coding, testing, deployment, maintenance. He asked few question in between while i am answering, i.e what will we different users, you will select the technology, database, OS, etc. you will use in design phase or coding phase,  how you will deploy you project and have you ever deployed any project. I talked about heroku  and where i deployed my project.

2. Given a stack how you will reverse its content without using any other data structure.

3. Given a BST and a low and high value how will you print all value between low and high. Refer DSA by Narashima karumanchi book Tress Chapter.

4. Given a string how you will remove consecutive repeating characters. Eg: ‘abbac’ should return ‘c’.

5. There were 5-6 more coding questions which i can’t remember. Means a total of 8-10 coding questions were there with average to hard difficulty level.

6. Now he asked me few SQL Queries  : 

  a) Write a Query to copy one table into another table i) with data ii) without data i.e only schema

 b) Write a Query to delete all employees having salary > 1000.

 c) Write a Query to delete all data of a table preserving Schema.

6. He asked me what is your favourite subject ans i answer OS. Now it followed questions on OS.

7. What is boot loader.

8. What is virtualization.

9. What is Virtual Machine and how it works.

10. As you are using Linux, so what file system does Linux users.

11. What is Iaas, Paas, Saas. Give examples of each.

12. 1-2 more question on OS which i can’t remember.

13. Diff between Set and List.

14. What is MAC and its full form.

15. What is OSI Model. Explain each layer.

In this round i was able to answer nearly 70% coding questions and for remaining questions i formed partially correct answers with the help of interviewer. The interviewer was very supportive.

I answered almost all the theory questions.

ROUND 3 ( TECHNICAL + HR ~ 40-45 min ) : 

In this round i was asked to write only algorithm for problem step by step and not to write code.

1. Given a no. of sets how you will form all the possible combinations. Eg : S1 = { 1,2,3 } , S2 = { a, b}, S3 = { naveen, jeet, uttkarsh, subham, siddhanth }. So the few possible combinations can be (1,a,naveen), ( 3, b, uttkarsh), etc.

2. Given an expression, remove all redundant parenthesis. Eg : (((A+B)*(B))*C)should return (A+B)*C*D

Answered Both Questions.

3. Tell me about yourself.

4. Where do you see yourself after 2 years.

5. Why Oracle.

6. Is oracle your Dream Company.

7. If you get a chance to go for higher studied in a reputed foreign university will you go for it and after my answer he again asked even if you get a chance after 2-3 years.

 Now he asked me if i have any questions to ask. I asked 2-3 questions.

Final Result : 7 students got selected for Application Developer ( I was one of them ) and 8 for Server Technology.

 TIPS : 

1. If you don’t know answer to a question then directly don’t say that i don’t know. Just think for few minutes and then tell him what logic you are thinking, he will give you some hint then using that try to build correct/partially correct solution.

2. Before answering any question think for few minutes, then tell him the logic and then start writing code. Don’t directly jump on writing code.

3. Never make the conversation one way.

4. Explain each line of your code.

5. Read interview experiences on GeeksforGeeks.

6. Prepare from GeeksforGeeks, indiabix, Interviewbit, DSA by Narshima Karumanchi.

7. Whatever you write in a resume you should know everything, Don’t exaggerate.


Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2020
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