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Oracle Interview Experience | Applications Engineer

  • Last Updated : 17 Jun, 2020


Round 1: 

1) Tell me about yourself 

2) Problem Statement:  

Reverse the words in below string considering all negative test cases 

Input: Hello World 

Output: olleH dlroW 

  • If the input have more than 1 space as separator then output should contain as much space as input
  • If the statement have start and trailing spaces then output will also contain those spaces
  • Input is case sensitive

3) Sql queries 

  • There are 2 tables: Employee and Department.
  • Print the employee name with department name
  • Print the count of employees having same department with department name
  • Print the count of employees having the same department


Round 2: 

1) Problem Statement: 

Check if the given string is palindrome or not. If the string is not palindrome then try to make it palindrome if possible 

2) SQL queries: 

  • There are 2 tables: Employee and Salary
  • Print only female employees
  • Print the female employee who has highest salary


Round 3: 

1) Core java related questions 

  • What is method overloading and overriding with example
  • How we can achieve inheritance in java
  • What is default methods in java8 and when should we use it

2) Problem Statement 

3) Glass Puzzle 

  • My friend was throwing a very grand party and wanted to borrow from me 100 wine glasses. I decided to send them through my boy servant.
  • Just to give an incentive to Servant to deliver the glasses intact I offered him 3 paise for every glass delivered safely and threatened to forfeit 9 paise for every glass he broke.
  • On settlement Harish received Rs 2.40 from me. How many glasses did Harish safely deliver?


Round 4: 

1) Puzzle: 

  • Using only 1 to 9 numbers, Arrange the numbers such that
  • AxBxC = BxGxE = DxExF
A     D 
B  G  E
C     F
  • Each character should assign distinct numbers

2) Puzzle: 

Using 1 to 16 numbers, sum would be 34 for each column, rows and for both diagonals. Write the program as well to solve the puzzle:

5  8
97 12

Round 5: 

1) Problem Statement: Merge the sub arrays if possible. Input: List of sub arrays: [1, 10], [11, 15], [13, 25], [30, 40], [40, 50]
Output: [1, 25], [30, 50]

2) Puzzle:

  • There are 101 coins.
  • 1 coin is a faulty coin.
  • A Faulty coin has different weight other than 100 coins. 
  • With a minimum number of comparisons, find that if the faulty coin has higher weight or lower weight than other coins.

Thanks, GeeksforGeeks. It helped me a lot in preparation.

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