Oracle Interview Experience| Application Development Engineer (Gandhinagar)

I find GeeksforGeeks very helpful! It helped me prepare for my Oracle interview, thanks to the previous contributions by many. 

Round1 (MCQ test): The initial round was an online test which was held on their own platform. It comprised of logical reasoning questions, English and General Aptitude, and basics of Coding in C++ and flow diagram of certain code was given with some missing blocks, and we were to identify the missing blocks. We were free to attempt any module first. 

After the first round, the list of shortlisted candidates was announced, and we were asked to carry our updated resume for the face to face interview. 

The whole process was carried out on a Zoom meeting. 

Round2 (Tech interview 1):  Firstly the interviewer asked me to introduce myself and asked about my projects. Then he asked me 3 SQL queries. I am very weak in SQL and hadn’t practiced much so I was not able to solve any query but the interviewer was very friendly and helped me in all the three queries by giving me hints. After this, he asked me two coding questions.

  1. Find subarray with given sum | Set 1 (Nonnegative Numbers)
  2. Merge two sorted linked lists

After this, I was told to wait for the next round. 

Round3 (Tech Round 2): Again the interviewer asked me about my favorite project and asked to describe it. After that, he asked me basic OOP concepts (inheritance, overloading, overriding) (One of the questions I remember was the difference between Comparator and Comparable interface). After that, he asked me a coding question.

  1. Print all combinations of balanced parentheses

After that he asked me two puzzles: 

  1. (just changed the values) 
  2. Missing dollar problem 

After this, I was told to wait for the next round 

Round4 (Tech Round 3):  The interviewer asked me about my plans for further studies. After that  he asked me 2 coding questions: 

  1. Reverse string without using any temporary variable
  2. Sudoku | Backtracking-7

Verdict: Selected! Thanks to, GeeksforGeeks!!!

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