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Oracle Interview Experience | (Application Developer for 2.5 Years Experienced)

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  • Last Updated : 05 Jan, 2018
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I had applied for the role Application Developer (Java development) in Oracle’s job portal. I was contracted via mail a month later. I got interview invite for a weekend drive.

The job location was at Hyderabad, but the interview was conducted in Chennai. There were 3 problem solving rounds, 1 design round and 1 video conference manager round.
In all the rounds, enough time was given to think through the problem and write the code and the interviewers were very friendly and made sure that you are comfortable.

Round 1 :

Puzzle :

You are given 4 pair of socks, Red, Green, Blue and Yellow respectively. Arrange the 8 individual socks in a manner such that there are 4 socks between the Yellow ones, 3 between the Blue, 2 Between the Green and 1 between the Red.

Pen and paper coding:
Given an integer n, print the following structure. (Note the space between the stars)   

             * *

           * * *

         * * * *        (n=4)

Given a mobile number and some conditions for a fancy number, find if the given number is fancy. The conditions are

  1. A single number occurs three consecutive times. Like 777.
  2. Three consecutive digits are either in increasing or decreasing fashion. Like 456 or 987.
  3. A single number occurs four or more times in the number. Like 9859009976 – here the digit 9 occurs 4 times.

Round 2 :
You are given an array of integers. Each integer in the array only ranges from -10 to +10. Find the minimum possible.and the maximum possible product obtained by multiplying the array elements.
Example: [-1 -2 10 -10]

Maximum product: 10*-10*-2 = 200

Minimum product: 10*-10*-2*-1=-200
Few Java OOPS questions, more like a rapid fire. The interviewer kept asking questions one after other.
What do you know about Machine Learning and deep learning?
How many squares are there in a chessboard? (Na. Not 64)
Round 3 :
Write a piece of code that causes deadlock and explain how to rectify the deadlock.
You are given an array containing prices of stocks for n days. You can make 2 transactions. ( Buy? Sell, again Buy? Sell).

Find the maximum profit.
You are given an array containing 0’s and 1’s. Find the position of the one 0 that if you replace with 1, you will have maximum consecutive 1’s.
You are given a string, sat ABC. Find all possible subsets of the string. In this case, it would be A,B,C,AB,BC,AC,ABC. ((2^n)-1 combinations)
Round 4:
Was asked to specify few DB tables I’ve worked with, with primary and foreign keys.
I specified Product, Vendor, Warehouse, etc,.
Then I was asked to design a product search page, end to end. Had to write code in pen and paper for everything including jsp and controller.
Round 5 :
This was the final round. Since I was interviewed at Chennai for a position at Hyderabad,  this was a video conference round for me with the project manager.
About myself and my current work
How do you find the 4th Max salary from an employee table?
You have Rs.100. There are 3 items A, B and C. A costs Rs.10 per piece, B Rs.5 per piece and C 25 paise. Using Rs.100 fully, you have to buy A,B and C such that the total count of items you get is also 100, with minimum 1 count from each item. What is the count of each item you will buy?
You have four Sevens. 7,7,7,7. You can use any .,+,-,/,*. You have to use all the sevens and any of these operators and get the result 100.
I completed my first 4 rounds in a single day.

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