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Oracle Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2021
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My ORACLE CGBU Interview Experience:

Interview was conducted online through Zoom on 22nd January 2021.

Round 1:

  It was a preliminary round and the interviewer was quite cool and he made me comfortable with his smile and his supporting words.

He asked me for a short introduction and took notes of the skills I had, like the programming languages and the different technologies. He then asked me about my project and took notes of it. He said that he was filling a form for an interviewee.

Ques 1:-  So, what have you done in your project? Was it a group project or an individual project? Which part did you handle?

Ques 2: – So, it’s nice that you know about JDBC and other stuffs. Did you face any problem while doing the project? And how did you handle it?

Ques 3:- He shared a CoderPad link in chat and said to open the link and there would be a small coding round. He gave me a sorted 2D array and a number is to be searched in that 2D array.

Followed by the given coding question he asked me to write the code for binary search and then he asked about how the recursive function actually works , i. e , the memory part and function calling.

With that coding question he finished the preliminary round and I was asked to wait in a waiting room in Zoom.

Round 2: –  

Here the interviewer was not as good as the one in the first round. He didn’t ask for the introduction, and he had turned off his camera so I was not able to see him.

This round was completely out of the CV round.

Interviewer asked me about my projects and then he said have you hosted your project anywhere?

Explain the differences between a process and thread.

Thread shares the same resources. Which are those resources?

Have you implemented multithreading into your project?

Real life example of multithreading in computer applications.

If I ask you now to implement multithreading in your project then how will you do that?

So, what actually multithreading does?

If multithreading increases CPU throughput then what’ll happen if one lakh thread is being used?

Can you show me by implementing multithreading in C or C++?

Tell me about Garbage Collector and the follow up question was if there would ever be a memory leak in java or not?

In DSP, what is sampling and Nyquist Rate?

Have you used Linux? Tell me some commands of Linux.

Tell me the difference between a hub and a router ?

If there are 5 devices in my house and 7 devices in your house and I want to connect devices from my home to yours then what should be used:- a switch or a router?

Have you done any project in computer networking?

Have you heard about Socket? What is it? Where do we use it? Have you used it ?

Which microprocessor do you use?

In 8085 do you know how many pins are there and what are those?

How many and which interrupts are there in 8085?

In cloud computing, what is SaaS used for, and where PaaS is used?

Give me examples of SaaS-based Applications that are used in daily life.

If I give you a series of numbers from 1 to 100 and one number is missing from that how would you find that missing number. Give me three approaches.

Interview Over .  

There was also another round which was the final Tech+HR and I was told to leave after the

Second round.

Overall my suggestion would be to prepare CN, OS and DBMS thoroughly and don’t expect that interview would be around the CV only because in my case not a single question was asked from DSA and DBMS despite mentioning my subject of interest as DBMS and DSA .  

Prepare well and after that things are not in your hand.  

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