Oracle Interview Experience (1.5 years Experienced)

I was interviewed for Oracle Hyderabad for their oracle data cloud team in Dec 2019. The interview was at Hyderabad office. I was informed by the recruiter that the interview will be purely based on data structures and algorithms. 

Round 1: 

The first round comprised of 2 questions.Both the questions i was able to solve quickly so total duration was about 30 mins. 

1 – 

2 – 


As my first round finished quickly and i was told to wait till others finishes up . 

Round 2: 

The second round comprised of 2 programming and one sql query question . it went for approximately 40 mins. 

1 – kth node from end of linked list. 

This question i solved using two both techniques. 


2 – Dijsktra’s Algorithm 

I was only told to explain my approach and not write complete working code. 

3 – One simple query which required joining of two tables and use group by clause to get the required output. 

After two rounds I was told by that today only 2 rounds will be done. Few people had 3 rounds also on the same day. 

After 1 weeks i got a call that your both the round went well and we are scheduling 3 round that would be managerial .My 3 round was scheduled on next day only and it was telephonic. 


Round 3: 

It was a typical managerial round and was quite simple  where we discussed about 

my projects ,my work history , interests ,why i want to join oracle  and salary discussions and all. 

After 3rd round, i got a call from HR very next day that they will send me some form to fill up and submit(mostly for background verification and all). 

After 2 weeks offer letter was released. 

Thanks & cheers. 




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