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Oracle India Interview Experience for Software Developer (4.5 Years Experienced)

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The recruiter connected with me based on my LinkedIn profile. The position was available for Software Developer-3 at Oracle India. Make sure you keep on updating your LinkedIn profile with the latest project works with technology stacks and achievements (Online coding challenges, Hackathons, etc). This was a quick interview process as it had taken just over 3 weeks for all rounds. It all started with the screening process which further go ahead with technical and managerial discussion.

Round 1(SCREENING INTERVIEW): Post the Job profile discussion with HR over the call, this round of interviews was scheduled for providing a clear idea about the projects, the position is open, and in terms of what all technology skills they are looking into a candidate. This interview happened over a ZOOM call where the candidates had been given the chance to connect one and one with the member of the recruitment team. Some project and technology-related discussions happened in this call. And they asked to get back once the profile got selected for further technical discussion.

Round 2(TECHNICAL INTERVIEW): This interview happened over the ZOOM video call. The interviewer had a look at my resume and asked about my current project and technology stack which I have learned by myself in recent times and am familiar with. After that, He asked me to solve two coding problems related to data structures and algorithms. This round lasts for 90 minutes and he asked me to write the optimal approaches to the solution as well.

Round 3 : TECHNICAL INTERVIEW : This interview had the combination of DSA and JAVA coding/conceptual question. The interviewer asked me about the binary tree-related question and later on, I was asked to solve this with the recursive approach. After that, he asked me some core java output questions which were solely based on exception handling, and multithreading concepts. He asked me a few questions related to collection frameworks such as the internal implementation of HashMap, and the use of concurrent HashMap with its locking mechanism. The last question was to write the solution to the Producer-Consumer problem using multithreading. This interview went for like a bit more than one hour.

Binary Tree Question :

Round 4(MANAGERIAL INTERVIEW): This interview was kind of Technical + Managerial round. I got the chance to connect with the hiring manager. For the first few minutes, she talked about the project and its impact on end users. Post that it was a general discussion on past experience. She asked me about my current project and the tech stack that I am using. I was asked to draw the high-level architecture of my current project and the feature which I am working on with the follow-up questions on Design Patterns and caching mechanisms. After that, She asked me about the microservices and Spring boot questions. At the end of the interview received very strong feedback for this round. 

Design Pattern Question – Strategy design pattern, Builder design pattern

Microservices Questions:

  •  use gateway’s in Microservices
  •  how independent microservices communicate with each other.
  •  service discovery in microservices architecture (Edureka) 

Spring Boot Questions:

  • Implementation of Spring Cloud in projects
  • Describe the flow of HTTPS requests through the Spring Boot application?
  • Bounded Context

Round 5(DIRECTOR ROUND INTERVIEW): This round had quite a few Behavioral question. The interviewer went through my resume and asked about my current project and the technology stack that I am familiar with. Asked my current CTC, expected CTC, why do you want to change and why Oracle? After I answered all these questions he asked me to code a real business use case.

Behavioral Question:   

  • Conflict Resolution among team members
  • Past project experience with situational questions
  • Team leading ability question
  • Strengths/weakness and its impact in projects

Round 6(HR INTERVIEW): After the whole interview process, the result was communicated to me by phone and later on via email. I had a clear discussion about my preferences, expected salary & the notice period. After two weeks I received the final offer letter after so many approval rounds on salary. Offer letter acceptance will be done on the oracle portal.

Hope this helps you to prepare for upcoming interviews. All the best guys!! Cheers

Last Updated : 17 May, 2022
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