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Oracle India Hyderabad Interview Experience

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  • Difficulty Level : Expert
  • Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2019
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?Oracle India Ltd Hyderabad Interview Experience(Experience 2.5 years)
There 150 candidates came there

1 St round
They gave 2 coding give on paper, Those who written
those 2 questions they send them to interview
1.Find a pair with the given difference
Input: arr[] = {5, 20, 3, 2, 50, 80}, n = 78
Output: Pair Found: (2, 80)
Input: arr[] = {90, 70, 20, 80, 50}, n = 45
Output: No Such Pair
2.Minimum number of swaps required to sort an array
Input : {4, 3, 2, 1}
Output : 2
Explanation : Swap index 0 with 3 and 1 with 2 to
form the sorted array {1, 2, 3, 4}.

Input : {1, 5, 4, 3, 2}
Output : 2
Questions Asked in interview
1.Merge two sorted arrays and after merging find the Given number index from the Merged Array
2.Write an program in java to design Phonebook in Mobile.

2 nd round
1.Backtracking – Search a Word In a Matrix
Given a 2D matrix of characters. Check whether the word exist in the matrix or not.
If it exists then print its path. All movements are allowed (right, left, up, down and diagonally).
2.Asked me to design on databasse(kind of Design Round)
There is an Admin and Employees in an organization
Admin schedule tests for employees, Take test, publish results
publish reports based on the tests.
Once I have desinged all the tables.

he gave me one question
There are only 40 questions, one should have to conduct 10 tests each test contains 10 questions
write an program such that each test contains randoms questions out of 40 questions.

3 rd round
Hiring Manager took the interview,
1.Given an arrays of positive and negative numbers, he asked me to write an program
so that negative numbers should be left and positive on right.I have written the code
with time complexity o(n).He saw the code and gave me another question
2.Given an Stack and I have write code such that when we call getMaxValueFromStack method
it should return maximum value of that Stack.
Conditions–1. One cant pop all elements and compare
2.One cant Sort the Stack values.
I have written the code and he satisfied and gave me another question.
3.Maximum size square sub-matrix with all 1s (Dynamic Programming)
I have written the code using Dynamic programming Approach
He was happy with solution and asked me to wait for the next round.

4 th round
He was a nice person, Before taking Interview itself come to know
my name due to my performance in previous rounds
he asked me to tell me abount yourself
what work I am doing in current company,
After listening everything he asked me to explain about
my current project highlevel using all tables and diagrams
once I explained him he asked me to write some sql queries
on that,
After that he asked me about How much salary you want and
R u ready to reloacte Hyderabad ?
I got Selected and part of Oracle Hyderabad.

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