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Oracle GBU Interview Experience | Campus Placement Drive 2020 -Virtual process

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 01 Sep, 2020

Round 1: Round 1 was an online MCQ round consisting of aptitude, verbals, reasoning, and technical questions. The round was divided into many sections with a separate time frame for each section. The total time, including all sections, was 107 minutes. 
Round 2: Round 2 was an online coding round, in which we were given two coding questions to solve within 60 minutes: 

  1. Graph m coloring problem (A slightly modified version of the original question)
  2. Print a string in a zig-zag format.


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Example 1:

Inputs: geeksforgeeks, rowsize = 4
Output: gosefrkesgeke

Explanation: Have to print the alphabets row-wise 

g o s
k e  

 Example 2:

Input: geeksforgeeks, rowsize = 4
Output: gsgsekfrekeoe

Explanation: Have to print the alphabets row-wise 

g s g s
e o e  

Round 3 (Interview Round): The interviews were held over Zoom and consisted of the following rounds: 

  1. Two Technical Interviews (about 1 hour each)
  2. One HR Interview (about 30 mins)

Some Interview questions:

Both the technical interviewers took 2 minutes to read my resume and then asked questions based on it. 

  1. Introduce yourself (2 times in both tech rounds) 
  2. Rate yourself in the following: C++, Data Structures and SQL
  3. OOPs/Java questions   
    • What is OOPs?
    • What are the main concepts in OOPs? (abstraction, encapsulation, inheritance, polymorphism with real-world examples)   
    • What is an example of runtime polymorphism? (function overriding)   
    • What is function overriding? What is function overloading? Difference between the two.    
    • He asked me the syntax to inherit the class in C++, the extends keyword is in Java.  
    • What is the difference between C++ and Java?    
    • What is JDK, JRE, JVM ?   
    • What is a constructor?    
    • What is a destructor?    
    • Why is the return type of the main void in Java? The return type of main in C++?  
    • He asked me the output of the following:


      class Test {
          public static void main(String[] args) {
              System.out.println(10 + 20 + "TestCode");
              System.out.println("TestCode" + 10 + 20);
              System.out.println(10 * 20 + "TestCode");
              System.out.println("TestCode" + 20*10);
  4. DBMS questions:

    • Query to find the maximum salary from the employee table? (Ans: SELECT MAX(salary) FROM Employee)
    • What is the primary key? What is a foreign key?
    • What is SQL?
    • Difference between TRUNCATE and DELETE command
    • What is transaction? I was also asked about the life cycle of a transaction (partially committed, committed, ROLLBACK).
  5. Other technical questions:

    • I was asked to code the Add two numbers without using arithmetic operators
    • I was asked to explain bubble sort in both tech rounds (asked to write pseudocode in second tech round)
    • I was asked to explain and write pseudo code for binary search
    • He gave me a binary tree structure and asked all three traversals, postorder, preorder, in order. He asked if given preorder, can I tell postorder?
    • What is virtual table?
    • What is MVC architecture?
  6. Resume based questions:

    • I was asked to explain each of my projects.
    • Some questions mentioned above were also from the resume.
  7. Other questions:

    • In round 2 I was asked puzzle question.
    • I was asked this aptitude question, the distance between A and B is 100 km. One person starts from city A at 50 kmph and another starts from B at 40 kmph. At what point will they meet?

Final result: Selected

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