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Oracle Gandhinagar Interview Experience | 1.5 year experienced
  • Last Updated : 27 Jan, 2021

3 rounds were conducted and all rounds are online on zoom video call. For all rounds I have to share my screen and have to open notepad.

First Round – 
1) Codiing question – 
Title – Longest common prefix using word by word matching (Level- Easy)
 N no. of string are provided and then we have to find the longest common prefix on those strings.

2) Puzzle – 
There are total 101 coins out of which one coin is faulty means one faulty coin weight can be lower or higher weight (all are in same dimensions though). So we have to find that faulty coin have lower or higher weight using balancing pane in minimum no. of iteration.
I gave solution in 3 iteration but the answer is 2 iteration but interviewer in even happy answer as 3.

3) OOPs concepts – overloading and overriding conceptual questions.

Second Round – 
1) coding question –
We have to find the longest common palindromic string in ascending order possible from the given string.
For ex – Given string is  – applea
   so the answer can be – apepa  (This string will be the answer)
2) coding question- (level – medium)
Minimum iteration required to fill the entire 2-D matrix with 1’s. Matrix if filled with 0 and only at one position there is 1. At each iteration neighbour elements can be filled with 1.

3) coding question –
A program to check if strings are rotation of each other or not

Third round –
This round was conducted by the director. He also discuss salary so be prepared for that.
Coding question – (Difficulty – medium)
A date is given suppose 14-APR-2020 then we have to return date after adding n no. of days.


At last I received offer letter form HR. Mostly I got confirmation in third round. 
All the best.


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