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Oracle Financials Interview Experience(On-Campus)

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My Interview Experience (OFSS On-campus drive 2020)

1st Round (Online Test): An online test was conducted, which included 5 Sections. All the sections had MCQ questions.

  •    Section 4: Pattern Matching Questions
  •    Section 5: Behavioral Questions

Tip: Try to keep cool while solving questions as this will be a 2-hour test. Also, the questions asked were basic and anyone can easily solve if he has knowledge of the above CS subjects. Understand binary trees including BST and AVL trees thoroughly as most of the DSA questions were based on that.

Around 48 students were selected for interviews including M.Tech.

2nd Round (Technical Interview): The interviewer asked me to introduce myself.  Asked me to write a code of 2 coding questions, which were

  1. Reverse a linked list
  2. Function to check if a singly linked list is palindrome

  Then he asked 

  1. Basic OOPs Concepts – Polymorphism with example

             Abstraction with example

             Inheritance with example

       2.   Database

             Find the 3rd highest salary from the table (Gave answer using top, but he asked me not to use top instead use max)

       3.   Where is the security file stored in the web.xml file?

       4.   He then asked me about Projects and questions that were based on projects mentioned in my resume.

3rd Round (Technical+ HR): The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. He then asked me about my family and family background. Then he asked general questions:

  1. How many years are you planning to work at Oracle?
  2. In 5 years when do you see yourself and as what?

As I specified my interest was in AI/ML then he asked me questions based on that.

  1. Basic questions about AI /ML
  2. The Knight’s tour problem

I have solved this problem using backtracking. There might be many other solutions to this problem.  Do refer to GeeksforGeeks for more solutions. He then asked me about Projects and questions were based on those projects.

4th Round (HR Round): The interviewer asked me to introduce myself. He then asked about my family background.

Later he asked some behavioral questions which are :

  1. What is your weakness and how you overcome them?
  2. What was your toughest decision of life until now.

Later than we discussed the academic grades. We had a friendly discussion regarding my home-town, my final year’s project. In the end, he asked me if I have any questions.

Tip: Devise your questions properly. Overall the Interview Experience was very good and the company people were also friendly and approachable.

I thank GeeksforGeeks for its assistance in preparation for placements.

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Last Updated : 10 Sep, 2020
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