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Oracle Finance Interview Experience (On-Campus)

  • Last Updated : 18 Oct, 2018

The shortlisting for rounds are done by an online test held for approximately 2.5 hrs with 90 questions(MCQ). There are 4 sections, first one has questions on trees mostly AVL, second section has quant aptitude questions, third one has questions on data structures and algorithms, DBMS, CODD, CN, OS and last were english and verbal skills apti questions.

After the online test 37 students were shortlisted out of 150 students .

Round 1: It was a technical interview and lasted for an hour. The questions were mostly on javascript, OOPS programming, Normalization in DBMS, SQL queries (creating database, using joins), difference between unique and primary key, implementation of basic programs and a bit about project.

Round 2: It was taken by the lead panelist and he asked mostly about the projects and the functionality of the projects and the future technology scope .

Round 3:It was an HR round and the best round of all, he asked about my family background, my most memorable experience, traveling constraints (if any) and the location I most likely prefer.


At the end of the day, the results were out and i was lucky to get placed at OFSS. The most  important thing is stay calm and confident and answer the question with accuracy as possible .

Thanks geeksforgeeks for its amazing past interview experiences which help at placement at last.

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