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Optum United Health Group On Campus Interview Experience(Intern-2018)

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  • Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2021
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UHG optum visits our campus each year for full timers as well as interns and allows all branches to appear for full time employment and for interns having cutoff CGPA of 7.0 

Round 1: Round 1 consisted of two parts first part containing logical reasoning mcqs and data interpretation based mcqs separately and the second part consisted of two coding questions. There was no negative marking in the mcqs, the lr part had 20 questions and the di part had 10 questions for which the total time given was 30 minutes. In some of the questions were time consuming but solvable within the given time and the brute force approach was also accepted. The coding part had two questions which were to be solved in 30 minutes. The coding questions were easy and were based on string manipulations and basic array problems. There was sectional cutoff and even solving one coding question was enough to clear this round. 

Around 25 people had cleared the first round for summer intern hiring. 

Round 2:Technical Interview 

The second round was a Technical Interview. The interviewer asked me to introduce myself by the interviewer, I talked about my interests in technical as well as social domain. Then he went through my CV, I had two projects on IOT he asked me to explain how I got the idea and the challenges I faced while doing my project. He aslo told to write and explain the basic sudo code of one part of my project. Then he asked me about what data structures I had studied. Then he moved to the coding questions. He asked me only one coding question-: 

1.) I gave the solution firstly using array and two loops. He asked me to give an optimised solution so I gave the stack solution to the problem. 

The interview lasted for around 25-30 minutes. Five minutes after my techinal interview, I was called for the HR interview. 

Round 3: HR Interview 

The HR asked me about what my father does and who all are in my family and am I willing to relocate to anyof the three locations(Bangalore, Hyderabad or Gurgaon). He then congratulated me and gave the stipend and relocation details. 

16 of the 25 shortlisted people were selected for the summer internship. 

Internship Experience : My internship location was Bangalore and it was a 9 week internship. 

On the first day after the orientation we all were alloted different teams. I had been alloted a team with two more interns. We were assigned a project on BigData. All the employees at optum are very helpful and your mentors and team leaders will help you at everytime you need their help. None of us had previously worked on BigData and our mentors and all the other employees helped us a lot throughout our 9 week long internship. 

There are two reviews of the intern one being a mid review at the end of four weeks in which your progress is monitored by the team leader and leaders of the other teams. They suggest the improvements which can be made and what more they expect from us. At the end of the internship period, there is a final review in which many senior members of optum are present, getting your ppo converted depends on both your work and your performance in the final review. The people at optum are very helpful and they always find time to help you out even if they are busy. The experience at optum was a good one. 

The ppo confirmation was given one week after the end of internship. 

All the 15 students who had done their summer internship in optumfrom our college got their intern converted.

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