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Optum Interview Experience for FTE (On-Campus)

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Optum visited our campus DTU and it was open for MTech and BTech for all CSE and Electronics related branch

Round 1(Online Round): This round consisted of 51 Questions where 50 MCQ were related to Aptitude, CSE concepts, Logical reasoning, OOPS, and one Coding Question every candidate got a different coding question and the level was from easy to moderate

  • After this round around 150 students got shortlisted
  • The interview process was for 5 days long and each day they were calling only 20-30 students each

Round 2: This was resume round, they were picking each and every keyword that you mentioned in your resume, so don’t write anything in which you are not confident enough.

My interviewer was very friendly since initially, I was very nervous so, to make me comfortable he asked a little about me, my family and how was my day going so far and then asked me in which topic I was comfortable so to that I said DSA and java Concepts

Questions asked were:

  1. Why java is platform independent explain in detail?
  2. Tell difference between the final and finally keyword
  3. Pillars of oops explain in details
  4. How to convert a list of characters into a string
  5. What are threads
  6. Explain different sorting algorithms and explain in detail how quick sort work
  7. Difference between abstract class and interface
  8. Given a list of numbers find the given key (Told about linear and binary search)
  9. Explain the meaning of public static void main(String args[]) (told about the meaning of each keyword)
  10. How internally ArrayList works
  11. Meaning of the static keyword in java
  12. Find the middle of the single Linked list (explained from find length method to 2 pointer method)
  13. How to tell the max frequency of the element in the given array
  14. Overloading and overriding explain in detail
  15. Diamond problem in java
  16. ACID property
  17. All Normalization forms and what purpose does normalization solve
  18. Asked overview of my project

This was like a rapid-fire round for 45 mins I was bombarded with questions and he did not tell me to write code just explain them

Finally, he asked do you want to know anything and I asked a couple of questions from him about the company

Verdict: Selected

Just focus on basics and be good in medium level DSA questions

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Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2021
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